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I'm going to be blunt, your post ios full of excuses. You can "eat properly" and still create a caloric deficeit and be able to work. Lots of sweets, pasta & rice are going to be calorically heavy. You can cut back on those and fill your calories with more nutrient dense foods that have less calories. Add more fruits veggies, things like broccoli and cauliflower and apples help to fill me up. Switch to brown rice and whole wheat pasta, if available.

As for not time to workout, I work full time and have two kids. I get up before work every morning and fit in a workout while my kids are sleeping, 5 days a week. You have to find the time. The very first step is to dump the excuses. You really, really nedd to at least get measuing cups asap and a scale when you can. If you can't measure portions, you're only setting yourself up to fail. Seeing what an actual posrtion was of some of the foods I eat was a real eye opener for me.

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11/28/12 7:11 A

PS! I'd like to mention I live in Estonia. Oh and it snowed today.

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My story propably is pretty typical. I am not much overweight, many say even, you're totally fine. But today, when i wanted to cross my legs at my desk at work, i couldn't do it comfortably anymore. The last time i really was skinny was in the beginning of my 20s. Now i am 27years old/young :D
I haven't been physically active, ever. Like even in school i skipped gym or swimming classes often. I "lost" my swimming clothes quite regularly (on purpose).
And well about my nutrition. VERY picky about food. BUT i have eaten sweets since i can remember. Chocolate is my most go-to-thing.

All this has lead to the fact that i weighed 75kg about two years ago. Then lost 10kg in a month, starving myself while being depressed about my weight. I currently weigh 67-69kg, which isn't that much, but still.. The stomach hanging over my belt when i sit or the "love handles"... oh it's so frustrating...
And as i do a job, where i have to eat properly, otherwise i don't have strength, then i can't really eat less.
And i don't exercise (almost at all), because my schedule is hectic.
I am a church person and an active one. Monday evening singing practice, tuesday evening is for work related training info, some tuesdays i have prayer group, sometimes a meeting. Thursday evenings i prepare for friday and friday evenings i have Alpha course, where i am in charge of food. Wednesday is my only free day right now, but on those free nights, i sometimes do translating jobs to earn more money. Weekends, well, usually booked.
So where do i fit exercise? Only exercise i do, is take the stairs at work (4th floor, but still makes me gasp for air), and walk from bus stop to work.
I am on a very low budget, food wise. Usually eat a lot of pasta products, potatoes and rice. Breakfast usually either sandwiches or cereal or myesli. (pluss big cup of coffee).

And what's my point? I want to be fit, lean, in good shape. Want to! But how? How can i do that with my low budget (maximum 100€ a month for food) and no time for exercise?

I do hope someone can help me? If i would set goals i would put a goal into spring. I am planning a visit to UK to see my friends in spring. Not sure about the dates, yet. But that's enough time to get fit. Just don't know how, yet.

Hope you can help me here. I am really new to food tracking and other stuff aswell. I don't even own measuring cups or a scale at home. :S Not sure how this goes...

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