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8/15/13 8:57 P

Hey JollyPolly - My condolences to you on your mother's passing.
And, I'm sorry that you are going through the stresses that you've mentioned.
Prayers and hope for you that things will improve. I do hope you will be able to retrieve your mother's ashes. Be blessed.

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8/6/13 10:21 P

I am so sorry to hear that happened ! What is wrong with that funeral home? I'm praying you have her returned to you. It made me very sad to hear everything you have been through this summer... keeping you in my prayers.. hugs emoticon

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8/6/13 9:59 P

I am so sorry for all the trouble your going through. Trying to think of how to encourage such a desperate situation but I want to say that Im glad you shared. Sorry I didn't look at the date you posted so Im hoping this isn't badly timed and causing more frustration. Oh never mind I found the date. I don't know you but am proud to have read your story. That you are more concerned with their health and care than money is good to hear. That you made her last days as comfortable as possible and honored her last wishes is good to hear. I hope you find her ashes so that you can find peace as she has.

8/6/13 9:26 P

The saga continues. I received notification from my sister (sis #1--the only person listed and authorized) that someone picked up my mom's ashes yesterday. It was not sis#1. Sis #2 and brother both deny any knowledge. Police report has been filed. Funeral home did not obtain signature. Someone has my mom, we have no idea who. Sick beyond belief. Who goes to a funeral home and picks up ashes without consent?

8/4/13 7:43 P

I cannot believe it has been a month since I last logged in. The roller coaster has not stopped. In fact it has become rather wicked. Went to visit my mom & dad for the week of July 15th while my husband was in MI on business. My dear friend was to feed my cats--entered the wrong code too many times and jammed the keyless entry W/7-17. Thursday morning my husband calls to say he got called back to IN--he had rental car, no way in but via the door that is jammed. Just hang up and my mom comes out of her bedroom to say she fell. I clean her cuts and call my sis & daughter to come. They finally get her to go to Urgent Care-tranfer her to hospital with probable pneumonia, severe UTI & low oxygen. Later report states there is a mass in her lung, A-Fib & small stroke, the mass was most certainly cancer as her lymph nodes & adreanal glands were severely enlarged. I leave to head back F/7-19. Mom has a massive stroke as I am driving. She cannot swollow, talk or move her left side. She did communicate by writing & squeezing our hands. She had retained her sense of humor, God Bless her soul. She firmly stated she did not want any medical treatment with the exception on oxygen. No feeding tube. DNR. No IV fluids. She wanted to go home. And so my two sisters, brother & I had hospice bring her to her home and tried to make her last few days as comfortable as possible. We tried to honor her wishes. My daughter was the organizational guru--so proud of her. My 16 year old son showed the type of man he will one day be. He lifted his grandma so we could change the sheets & re position her. Followed my father who has dementia around trying to catch him from falling. My 12 yr old son handled it differently. He stayed down in the basement. My mom passed just after getting cleaned up for the day, 9am Weds. July 24th. My fathers 85th birthday. Then the greed started. My sister took my dad and is trying to drain his assets. It's a nightmare. All I want is my dad to be taken care of--even if that means a nursing home gets all of his assets and we end up with nothing. If I did not have two boys still in school I would take him in heartbeat--and not charge a dime. It simply wouldn't be fair to my boys as my father does require full time care. Ugh. Weightloss during this time as so far out of my mind. So was exercise. Boys start school next week. I am hoping that I can get back into the program.

7/8/13 9:30 P

Seems I have finally been hitting my minimum calories. Don't know if it is making a difference as I vowed to not get on the scale until the end of the month. Thinking that perhaps if I do not step on the scale until then perhaps I can focus on calories and exercise. Speaking of exercise, I am finally adjusting to sweating like a pig. By George, I detest sweat! Getting my little legs a walking, quickly to dodge the rain drops that seem to fall several times a day, every day. (Such a difference from the past several drought ridden summers)

My husband hit his first goal. He has lost 25 lbs since the 1st of June. I am SO proud--he is making wise choices, watching his portions (even measuring!) and not complaining that I haven't baked anything. I promised I would do some baking for Christmas ;)

May we continue to have the strength and guidance to follow the healthy path!

7/5/13 5:43 P

Today I think I may FINALLY hit my calories. It has been a bit of a challenge trying to change my thinking that less is better. Trying really hard to make the choices that balance. Adding the almonds as a snack today really helped. Not really had much of a desire to eat anything high in calories. (Although my son's grilled cheese is smelling mighty fine in spite of the fact that I have just got done eating dinner myself, lol! Just had a pinch--not as good as it smelled.) Thinking that being under the 1200 repeatedly might be what is hindering the scale from budging. Will try for a week or so--if not then perhaps I need to drop to 800 cals.

I have been making a carafe of green tea in the morning and sipping it throughout the day. YUM--stays nice and warm all day. Headed for a walk in a few...

7/4/13 3:12 P

Happy 4th everyone! Thought about having a "no tracking day", but decided against it. I am making 5 baked beans--omitting the bacon & sausage, high fiber macaroni salad with egg whites, we are roasting a pork roast & chicken (organic, farmers market), corn on the cob and harvest veggies (snap peas, mushrooms, green peppers, onions & tomatoes) with a little roasted red pepper salad dressing & no salt seasoning. For the boys, we are throwing a few hamburgs & no nitrate turkey dogs on. Dessert will be a strawberry shortcake & watermelon. This being said, I will track. Even if I DO go over in my calories (I haven't for a while) it won't be as if what I eat will have low nutritional value. Not justifying--rather being honest. **I say this now as I have been smelling the beans cook all morning and I can't wait to have them. Chances are I won't be able to eat as much as I want to right now! And I have snacked on some carrots to try and keep the hunger at bay, lol!**

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7/4/13 12:54 A

emoticon and it looks like in the past few days you have discovered that! emoticon you seem to be on a roll! Blessings for your journey! B-

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7/3/13 9:19 P

YOU WILL DO THIS! emoticon

7/3/13 11:59 A

Last night my sugar bottomed out for the first time in quite a while--very, very quickly. Tracking in case I need to adjust meds. Last night dinner was awesome! Roasted turkey, blend of mashed potato & cauliflower, green beans & a little fat free gravy. My guys love crescent rolls so I thought I would pick up a roll--GASP! The calories & fat in them! NOT. To think of how we used to eat--I don't understand why I am not losing weight more rapidly. I have to blame it on my metabolism not having recovered from years of smoking. Or perhaps I am in perimenopause. Not going to let it get me down as in spite of the scale not showing the results I want my clothes fit better. My metabolism will bend to my will--LOL!

7/2/13 7:19 P

Leg muscles are still very sore and stiff. In spite of them, I did manage to clean the basement for several hours today and get a mile walk in. Terrible, I want to GO but my legs simply are crying. Will go and do some weight training here in a bit--upper body at least.

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7/2/13 6:52 A

you go girl!!! nice job! Listen to your body and take care of yourself. you need a day off take it.. or do something different but rest is an option too. just make sure 1 day does't turn to 2 then 3 then 4 days... off.. keep it up your doing great!

7/1/13 6:14 P

Once the rain ended yesterday, I managed to get in 2.5 miles. Since I was alone, I kicked it up and completed in 32 mins. Ooch. I hurt today--but how in the Hades can my fingers hurt from walking? Doesn't make sense to hurt from head to toe, lol! Perhaps it's a bit of something as I feel as though every ounce of energy was sucked from me--even took a nap today although I really didn't do anything to earn it. Thinking it might be wise to take a day off--kinda. Going to get down and work on some core. See, I think that I tend to make excuses and I promised myself there would be no more excuses. If I hurt, I hurt and I will find a movement that doesn't hurt. I *WANT* this. This girl is the only one who can make the changes--time I take ownership for my actions (or inaction).

Some core, a nice warm bubble bath, a good nights sleep and hopefully tomorrow my body will be full of energy!

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6/30/13 9:53 P

go foward

6/30/13 10:33 A

Well, by the time I dressed yesterday my husband awoke so he came along with me for my walk. I had planned on a brisk 1 mile walk but the temp was so mild, the day so beautiful, we both were enjoying being alive that we ended up doing a 5 mile block! Loved every minute of it. Finished just under 2 hours so we had a pretty good clip going. Kinda fell off the last 1.5 miles--when the sun came out, no shade, sweat dripping--part of my problem is I detest sweating! Working on getting over the anti-sweat thing because that is part of the reason I have become so well insulated! Hope that as each insulating layer of fat leaves I will be able to tolerate warm temps better.

My sauce turned out well--ended up not trying the broccoli slaw with it. Have plenty of sauce left so one day this week.

Not quite as energized today. Could be because it has been raining all morning. Supposed to clear up by noon. I hope so as my husband is planning on another long walk today (he finally broke another weight loss milestone--(he is under 330!) and is wanting to keep his momentum going. I am so happy that he is getting excited about our journey. Even yesterday at the grocery store he was reading labels, making wise choices, HUGE step for him.

Looked up info for the Fort4Fitness races. It's at the end of September. They do not have a 5K, it's a 4 mile run/walk or a 10K. The 4 mile needs to be completed in 80 mins/20 mins per mile. I could complete it but would need to register within the next two weeks. Still can't run longer than 30 seconds without my calf muscle cramping. Pretty certain that leg still needs to strengthen. I do NOT want to go through another achilles reconstruction. My mind wants to run body isn't there - YET.

Time to hunt through some recipes. Not hungry but have to plan something my family will eat. Wishing all a wonderful Sunday!

6/29/13 10:36 A

Hi Firebug!

I did try spaghetti squash once, years ago. I probably ought to try it again as at that time I was anti-veggie lol!

Yes, it seems I am on a roll--down :) My husband woke up before I left for my 1 mile walk and it was so beautiful out we ended up walking 5K! Whoooo hooo! It feels SO good! Happy, happy, happy!

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6/29/13 8:14 A

Hey there you are on a roll keep it going!
By the way have you tried spagetti squash??? Total veggie low cal action....and has the look of pasta...easy peasy to make as well...i personally dont like tomato sauce on it....a pat of butter w salt and pepper...but it is yummy.
have a fabulous day !

6/29/13 7:53 A

Good Saturday Morning! I am the first one up~this NEVER happens :) It's a bit foggy here in my little part of Indiana, thinking I will get dressed and go for a mile walk to start my day as I don't know if we will get our hike in later due to possible rain. Can't get over how much more energy I have--is it my healthy diet, the supplements or the protein shake? The shake really seems to help my muscles recover quicker. Hardly sore at all the morning after I drink one.

Ha husband said yesterday that I am turning into a Jillian Michaels--physically I have a LONG way to go--if I ever get there, but I took it as a compliment. I guess I do have a bit of her determination. I am the only person who can get me to where I need to be and dang it, I am not going to make any more excuses nor am I going to settle for anything less than my best. I will be responsible.

Planning on making a pot of my grandmothers spaghetti sauce and see how substituting broccoli slaw for pasta turns out. Of course I will have to make pasta too--whole wheat though--for my boys. I will have some (a portion, not a pound) but I am really hoping the broccoli slaw is something that I will enjoy as a substitute. (I tried the Zero noodles, Miracle Noodles=Shiratake noodles--ugh! the texture *blech* - I couldn't chew them! I can only describe it as exactly what I would think chewing a live octopus would be like!)

Coffee break over. Time to get dressed and head out. Wishing everyone a productive day!

6/28/13 3:54 P

Awe! Why thank you Diane :) You warmed my heart.

This IS the place to do it. It's fantastic--all one has to do is add the desire and determination and *poof* success will follow. Although, one must apply a little bit of patience as well as results do not happen overnight.

FIREBUG32 SparkPoints: (19,611)
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6/28/13 3:26 P

Congrats on quitting smoking! That is such an accomplishment.. even with the increase in weight! Good for you. Everyone I hear who quit seem to have the same thing happen to them. But the health benefits of quitting are huge!

You will take care of those extra pounds.. and this is the place to do it! Great support and information here!

Glad to see you are journalling.. I want to follow you and watch you do well! Can't wait to hear the response when you announce you are running a 5k! I'll be here cheering you on!

Diane emoticon

6/28/13 11:04 A

Woke up this morning *feeling* refreshed! Stepped on the scale and I guess my roller coaster is on it's way down again! Full of energy and determination to do what *I* can to wave goodbye to what I hope is the largest hill on this ride. Planning on clearing up a few loose ends and get a few short jogs in. Yesterday I decided that I want to get strong enough to run a 5K. That's my new fitness goal. SSSSsssshhhh. Not telling anyone yet. Oh dear--I can't wait to see the expressions on my friends and family's faces-LOL My husband and boys won't be suprised, they believe I can do anything, but my siblings & friends--that's is another story.

Happy day everyone! Do something you really don't feel like doing today~you will feel better for it emoticon

6/28/13 10:53 A

Thank you Jibbie49! I hope you have an awesome day too!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,139
6/28/13 12:53 A

Have a great day.

6/27/13 11:21 P

Thank you for responding Betzygirl. I do believe that I have found my determination. I can do this ;)

BETZYGIRL Posts: 2,214
6/27/13 9:31 P

Even though you were sounding pretty discouraged at the start of your journal post, you sounded like you have the necessary stick-to-it-iveness by the end:) Keep on sticking to it and eventually you will succeed! emoticon

6/27/13 11:48 A

Hello! I am SO tired of this roller coaster my scale seems to be on. Down 6 lbs, up 3, down 1, up 4. Pumped. Discouraged. Such a viscious cycle. Trying to find the magic to keep the coaster in a downward motion because that is where I can finally get off this coaster. My personal challenges are my type 2 diabetes, the fact that I *detest* sweating, have tendons and ligaments that like to snap (low impact on stable ground is a must!) and that I am of Polish ancestry--which means, yummy, fat laden, high carb foods, made from scratch with LOVE. In my favor is the fact that I have "loved" my husband so much since we have been together (25 years) he has "bloomed" and needs to lose weight as well so I have someone to share this ride with! We have two sons - 16 & 12 years old - that we need to add into the equation. I have to say they resist the most to mom not baking or cooking the way I used to. We are trying to teach them now--as we both grew up with very unhealthy eating habits.

Growing up I was always chubby, which made me so cute (I guess) when I was young. Not so much when I turned 12 or 13. All through high school I was a size 13. Then it was a 16. Our daughter was born and it hit 18. Topped out at a 22 and stayed there until after both boys were born, until 2006 when we were relocated. During the span of 4 months, I dropped down to a size 16--almost a 14 and managed to stay there until this past January when I quit smoking. POOF! 20 pounds in 4 months WHILE increasing my exercise and watching my diet. I feel like the freaking Pop N Fresh Doughgirl! Gotta stop, drop before I can only roll!

I understand that dropping weight doesn't happen overnight. The fight just seems to get so draining--trying to figure out why I am not losing--and what I can do more of (or less of) to get my metabolism working again. I am determined. I can do this.

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