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7/10/14 12:30 A

What time of day do you work out? When are you eating the bulk of your calories and carbs?

I don't get hungry after a workout, but I have a medium-sized breakfast, large/late lunch, work out in the early evening and then have a light/late dinner. Years ago, when I was not eating enough during the day, I would get ravenous after an evening workout. The same thing might happen if you work out in the morning on a totally empty stomach.

Play around with your exercise/eating times and how you structure your meals--you might find an approach that works better for your body.

PIAQUA Posts: 753
7/9/14 5:42 P

After a good hard workout I can't even think about eating - the thought makes me sick. I try to "refuel" with something like chocolate milk or a smoothie as even if I'm not hungry I am thirsty and can manage to get in some liquid calories/protein. I do find that I am very hungry a couple of hours afterward though. I think how the body reacts to exercise is very individual, much like how it reacts to pretty much anything else.

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7/9/14 5:04 P

I think it's different for every person. I've read several posts from people talking about how they want to eat everything in sight after a workout. Me personally, I can't even look at food after I workout. After I exercise I am the furthest thing from hungry and I sometimes have to force myself to eat just so I can support the calories lost from my workout.

There's no cut and dry, one size fits all answer when it comes to exercise being an appetite suppressant. All you can do is see how your body reacts to it then plan accordingly.

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7/9/14 4:14 P

For me it depends what I do. Most cardio exercise tends to suppress appetite in me for a while afterward, I think maybe because of raised body temperature. Swimming doesn't do this, it leaves me starving -- and the water keeps body temperature down. Same with exercise in really cold weather. And of course if you have a fever you're not hungry. So I think it makes sense.

Regardless, though, I do notice I am more hungry the next day, sometimes much more hungry, if the exercise was of an unusual intensity or I hadn't done any in a while. The body does ask for those calories back sooner or later; depending on the person it can be necessary to take measures (tracking for instance) to make sure calories consumed stays where it needs to be. But this is why you're not necessarily going to want to count the entirety of your daily exercise into your weight loss deficit; you'll probably want to eat some of it back in order to keep your body happy. Maybe all of it on days when you're really feeling the effects.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,582
7/9/14 4:02 P

The more I exercise the hungrier I get. I wish it was an appetite suppressant

CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
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7/9/14 3:25 P

Just like the clever little picture I saw on Pintrest....

"First thing I think after a workout is W-T-F - Where's the Food"?

I usually don't like to eat before morning workouts because I find it makes me feel "icky" - so, after I am done, I am all about the num-nums

AZRIDERS Posts: 215
7/9/14 3:21 P

Looks as if different folks have different reactions to hunger after exercise. I usually eat a yogurt or something small 30 minutes before class and I am never usually hungry right after. But there are some days that I do get hungry after working out. When that happens, I find if I brush my teeth, the cravings and hungry feeling goes away.

7/9/14 3:15 P

The last line: Men might be more likely to experience a suppressed appetite; women’s bodies could be more hard-wired to conserve calories for childbearing.

SREYNOLDS43 Posts: 30
7/9/14 3:08 P

MEEKA71 SparkPoints: (59,385)
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7/9/14 2:50 P

I've only ever heard the exact opposite - that the energy expenditure from exercise increases appetite. It surely increases mine! emoticon

7/9/14 2:50 P

It makes me hungry too.

7/9/14 2:20 P

I have never heard of that! It always makes me hungry.

SREYNOLDS43 Posts: 30
7/9/14 2:17 P

If exercise is supposed to suppress my appetite why am I ravenous after I work out?

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