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4/22/14 3:58 P

Dust yourself off - and try again!

No need to get depressed - you are learning and growing! If anything - that's wonderful!

I agree with Playfullkitty - one of the best things to do when eating out is to plan ahead. I went to Ruby Tuesday's today and ended up with a wonderfully healthy saladbar salad by avoiding cheese, croutons, ranch and all those other fun things - and paired it with a veggie trio that had grilled zucchini, steamed broccoli and spaghetti squash. A little planning goes a long way.

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4/22/14 1:06 P

Don't be to hard on yourself...yes it sucks...but it happens. All you can do now is pick yourself up and go forward. What helps for me is to plan ahead so when out to eat, you are prepared. Look up a couple places that are by where you will be, so you have some choices when it comes time.

Keep moving forward!!!

CAROL7755 Posts: 3
4/21/14 7:06 P

I am depressed. I had lunch at 99 after working out at the gym and I ordered a large salad. They had a crispy honey mustard chicken salad which I asked for no bacon, did not eat all of the chicken, used only a slight amount of honey mustard dressing and did not eat the flat bread. When I got home I signed on to SparkPeople and discovered that my "healthy lunch" was over 1200 calories! I thought I was being good but was hit with reality. I can't believe I did this.

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