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2/10/12 1:58 P

Talk to your doctor. There are ways of measuring to see whether you really do have a lot of fat around your organs, or whether you just happen to be built with a little pooch. Sometimes we just aren't put together the way we'd like to be. If the pooch is subcutaneous fat (under the skin, not deep inside), then it's like having curly hair when straight hair is in fashion-- no harm to your health and not much you can do about it, so you've just got to learn to love it anyway, or dress to hide it.

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2/10/12 10:51 A

Is there a lot of dairy in your diet? I've been doing an elimination diet for the exact same reason and I've found that cutting out my morning glass of milk has been the most effective thing I've done to reduced the swelling. I do practice decent portion control with things like rice, grains, and sweets.... but I think getting the amounts down even further would help as well. Too much fiber can also be very bloating.

HARTMAMP Posts: 501
2/10/12 9:59 A

I am definitely not pregnant... My body is currently proving that if you know what I mean haha.

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2/10/12 9:55 A

It is odd for a runner to not have a flat stomach...the motions from running work the core and tend to flatten it out. I had a flat stomach when I was running a lot in college and all I did on the side was really easy pilates a few days a week. (and I was not eating properly at all) Of course, maybe that little bit of pilates was what was really helping my could try it or some other core exercises.

If you are allergic to something you are eating you could be bloated from inflammation. They may want you to do an elimination diet.

This probably should go without saying, but if there is any chance that you are pregnant then take an at home test to rule it out. When women aren't trying to get pregnant sometimes the overlook the initial signs.

HARTMAMP Posts: 501
2/10/12 9:43 A

And body fat % that I'm wondering if I should be concerned. My bf is 27% which is normal. However I have quite the stomach pooch, despite exercise and eating well. My mother has what doctors have called a "carb intolerance" and I wonder if that might be the cause. I'm a runner and eat plenty of fruit and whole grains for fuel, but I may need to see if that's why this belly doesn't appear to be going anywhere....

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