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ELAINE370 Posts: 4
9/9/14 3:54 P

Okay. Thanks so much.

COACH_DENISE Posts: 8,427
9/8/14 10:26 P

It's okay to have treats once in a while, but you need to also make sure you are eating enough calories and other nutrients in general. The items that you posted don't make up a well-rounded set of meals and snacks for the days and wouldn't allow you to meet your nutritional needs, so please do your best to make sure you are eating well-rounded meals with carbs, protein and fat. I strongly recommend reviewing the Teens Guide to Nutrition & Healthy Eating to get a better understanding of your nutritional needs and what would be a well-rounded nutrition program:

Coach Denise

ELAINE370 Posts: 4
9/2/14 4:49 P

I'm going to follow up on what I posted earlier: I ate 2 slices of a pumpkin spice cake just a few minutes ago, but I've been good all so its okay, right?

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ELAINE370 Posts: 4
9/2/14 2:08 P

I'm just about the same. I had quite a bit of cream cheese icing right before I went to bed last night... Lol. Oooops. :P Anyway this morning I had a plain bagel with light cream cheese (spread very thin) and just now finished a glass of Vitamin D milk, 18 grapes, and two 11''-12'' celery sticks with some cream cheese. This helps to recover from last nights little...incident. haha. But I mean what do you think? Am I doing okay?... I mean, my main problem is that I LOVE FOOD, and way too much... :/ Your thoughts?

COACH_DENISE Posts: 8,427
7/1/14 9:19 A

Here's an article with some tips to help with that:

Coach Denise

6/30/14 11:56 A

I can never go a whole day without eating junk or sugar and i hate it! i wanna get healthy and fit but i dont know how when i think i actually am ADDICITED to this unhealthy food! Someone please help me how do i get through it and over it!? emoticon

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