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LINDALAMB56 SparkPoints: (17,137)
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Posts: 11
8/21/14 8:23 A

Good for you. You are moving and not setting on the couch. Any true lady and gentleman runners would not be making fun of you but cheering you on.

CMBANFIE4 SparkPoints: (2,221)
Fitness Minutes: (10,844)
Posts: 1
8/21/14 8:20 A

You are out there doing it! Why walk when you can run? Speed will come in time, if you want it, but instead at the beginning of each "run" remind yourself to enjoy your run. I have been running for 30 years and I still only manage a 9 minute mile at my fastest. Running is my passion but I do not have a competitive bone in my body. I don't do races, I run alone and enjoy the solitude of my runs. I run for me. Keep up the great work!

BEEMANNED SparkPoints: (599)
Fitness Minutes: (645)
Posts: 1
8/21/14 8:20 A

Have never gotten to the point of overcoming it.
The workouts makes no difference.

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8/21/14 8:20 A

Congratulations on starting the program and sticking with it. I hope you end up loving running. Let's all get out there like Jurassic Park together! I want to be a troodon.

BONNIEJB11 Posts: 1
8/21/14 8:20 A

I run like a snail through peanut butter but I run dammit! I signed up and completed a 10k a year ago spring and there was a sign somebody was holding along the way "run like a rabid turtle is chasing you" Just keep putting one foot in front of the other- it's not how fast or how graceful you go, its showing up and finishing! I'm going to sign up for a half marathon for next spring in the Dominican Republic as my reward trip for finally getting to my goal weight- snails, turtles and dinosaurs unite!!!

POCKETFULOFSUN SparkPoints: (21,948)
Fitness Minutes: (14,301)
Posts: 523
8/21/14 8:16 A

What a great post. Thanks for sharing. This will make me smile during those moments when I question why am I out torturing myself. I am also not a strong runner. This is Sparking Awesome!

MARYKSR Posts: 1
8/21/14 8:14 A

I started to read your post, my thought was who cares what they think and say. I saw someone working hard at being fit and getting there. When I see people running and going I am so motivated and smile at them to say, "you go!" I know they know what I am thinking is because they smile a big smile back. Keep going and keep encouraging. You are awesome!

KGEORGE135 SparkPoints: (521)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 1
8/21/14 8:12 A

Way to go! I'm doing C25K, too, and pretty sure I'm the basset hound. But, I've lapped everyone who is still on the couch!

JENFROG125 SparkPoints: (29,804)
Fitness Minutes: (2,547)
Posts: 1,600
8/21/14 8:10 A

I think it's awesome that you are OK with not being a graceful runner and do it anyway.
I would love to run like a dinosaur because right now I can't run at all. But I will get there!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

ERINYOUNGDIETER SparkPoints: (2,990)
Fitness Minutes: (540)
Posts: 4
8/21/14 8:08 A

I really thought this post was fun to read and gave me motivation to think outside my own exercise bubble. I am not ready to go out and start running but I am thinking it is not a total impossibility for the future Thank you.

FITMARY Posts: 8,788
8/21/14 8:07 A

Overcoming high-school insecurities? Nice!
Getting in better shape than you were 9 years ago? AWESOME!

DENNIS2014 Posts: 1,156
8/21/14 8:07 A

Sometimes when I go to the local walking / jogging trail I see folks jogging / running that are not graceful as others, but you know what - I have more respect and am more proud for those that are struggling than those that so graceful. Keep at it - You will reap the rewards and you will have the satisfaction and pride that comes from achieving your goals.



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JANET552 Posts: 30,061
8/21/14 8:05 A

Great attitude!!

MISSMARY3 SparkPoints: (247,002)
Fitness Minutes: (143,406)
Posts: 1,731
8/21/14 7:58 A

WTG! You should run for yourself and no one else. I agree, they are just jealous. Keep up the good work!

NANAWILDCAT SparkPoints: (3,777)
Fitness Minutes: (1,741)
Posts: 16
8/21/14 7:57 A

You. Go. Girl. Your post was what I needed this morning. Thank you for sharing. emoticon

DGETZ50 SparkPoints: (585)
Fitness Minutes: (125)
Posts: 1
8/21/14 7:56 A

Thank you for sharing. I think it is fantastic what you are doing. What a beautiful person you are. I now feel encouraged.

AQUAGIRL08 Posts: 15,520
8/21/14 7:50 A

Great attitude! Run because it feels good and you love it not because of what others think! I willing to bet that you probably look just like everyone else out there and don't look as awkward as you might think. The good news is that you're doing it and have become successful. Kudos to you for your efforts!

MUMBLES40 SparkPoints: (48,340)
Fitness Minutes: (51,990)
Posts: 109
8/21/14 7:47 A

Great job! emoticon

8/21/14 7:41 A

You ROCK!!!

EMITHOM SparkPoints: (4,337)
Fitness Minutes: (633)
Posts: 13
8/21/14 7:33 A

You go!!!! Sounds like getting over the shame is half the battle. What an inspiration!!

YICHE12 Posts: 39,820
8/21/14 7:27 A

You go girl! emoticon

GRIFGRAND SparkPoints: (150,908)
Fitness Minutes: (40,110)
Posts: 31
8/21/14 7:22 A

Woo Hoo!!! Congratulations and keep going.
I feel awkward when I run also but this was encouraging and now I will go back to running and try not to care how I look but remind my self the important thing is not to give up and stay focus on my goal of losing 100 pounds before my 51st birthday in 2015.

BAYSIDE07 Posts: 7,534
8/21/14 7:19 A

At least you are running! Go you!


CHERYLHURT Posts: 62,413
8/21/14 7:13 A

Never stop, never quit!

8/21/14 7:03 A

thank you for sharing. this is why i do not run i figure i look like a dino or a hippo or something awful. guess what i am going to start anew today and not care if i look like a dinosaur- i will be in good company(in spirit). congrats and keep inspiring people!

LESLIEB921 SparkPoints: (8,543)
Fitness Minutes: (4,249)
Posts: 9
8/21/14 7:02 A

I laughed so hard when I read this because it is how I feel when I run.Thank you for your honesty and bluntness. its good to know I am not the only one :)
You are an inspiration.
Have a great day and keep running! emoticon

THROOPER62 SparkPoints: (384,500)
Fitness Minutes: (132,162)
Posts: 35,831
8/21/14 6:22 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

FITTEREVERYDAY SparkPoints: (29,150)
Fitness Minutes: (18,503)
Posts: 2,072
8/21/14 6:16 A

I think the word for me was "chicken". I don't actually care how I look running these days and I'd rather some middle schooler at the park laugh than get up at which time it's dark around here except for a handful of months anyway.

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ALIZAHH Posts: 334
8/21/14 5:06 A

If you can't run, walk, dance, just keep moving

ALLISONAZ SparkPoints: (27,445)
Fitness Minutes: (18,509)
Posts: 509
6/26/14 8:32 A

In my head I think I run all graceful and gazelle-like and I really don't want to see any evidence to the contrary lol!! emoticon emoticon

ALILNH Posts: 1,360
6/24/14 2:41 P

I've wanted to run for awhile but my doc said no. Yesterday, just for fun, I tried to break into a little jog. I won't even call it running. Between my boobs and my butt jiggling, I'm surprised I could keep in a straight line! I don't even want to think about what I looked like. Someday I'll run but for right now I'll do everyone a public service by sticking to walking.

P.S. - Growing up and not giving a crap about what other people think is SO liberating!

SPUTNIK512 Posts: 1,730
6/24/14 1:54 P

When I first started C25k a few years ago I did every workout at about 5am on the treadmill at the gym in my apartment complex because I didn't want anyone to see me run. My dad has always made fun of me saying I look like a T-rex when I run. Once school started back up and I know longer had access to that gym, I had to make do with running outside, and now I much prefer that! I've gotten over what people think about me, I figure I'm out there getting healthy for me, if they want to judge me from the sidelines, that's their issue!

COFFEEQUEEEN SparkPoints: (17,057)
Fitness Minutes: (26,884)
Posts: 403
6/23/14 9:23 P

I envision Pamela Anderson during her Baywatch years...but these boobies retired after feeding 4 kids and are at least a quarter mile behind the rest of my body when I'm at full speed--which, btw, isn't all that speedy at all. Don't care, I run my booty all over this town anyway!!!

I will admit that I always cringe when I bump into people & they mention they saw me out "jogging" the other day. Ugh

Run on, Sparkers! emoticon

6/23/14 8:36 A

I am trying to go from walking to running. I currently can run .15, yes that's less than quarter of a mile, I don't know what I look like, I'm sure it's not pretty, but I'm out there. Ughh. to just get to 1 full mile. Yikes.

RUBYREDSTAR19 Posts: 7,146
6/23/14 8:32 A

My sister runs like the Rhino on Jumanji :)

CAROLINAGIRL69 SparkPoints: (122,922)
Fitness Minutes: (63,111)
Posts: 2,833
6/23/14 8:19 A

This is the best thread I've read on these boards! lol

There's no telling what I look like. Which is why I prefer to get it in before the sun comes up.


MRSBENNETT2 Posts: 1,621
6/22/14 11:10 P

I just told my trainer at the gym today that I'm reluctant to do a Fitball class because I look like a floundering untrained seal...

SPEEDYDOG Posts: 2,997
6/22/14 1:50 P

I always thought I ran in herky-jerky motion and plodded along like a Galápagos tortoise! I saw a video of me running. I didn't look as bad as thought. Well, I actually looked good!

Unfortunately, high school kids can be pretty nasty. OK, maybe you run like a dinosaur. There were lots of very fast and agile dinosaurs!

I am reminded how humans are supposed to run when I see a six year-old kid running. Little kids are not thinking about running - they are just running.

Like the Nike commercial says; "Just Do It!"

Thanks, Bruce

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (74,443)
Posts: 3,293
6/22/14 12:05 A

That's great! Good for you!

I am working on running less like a ballerina. My instinct is to run on my toes, which is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

Nobody on my track team ever made fun of me...probably because I threw discus and shot and could have beaten them up. :)

RAVELGIRLY SparkPoints: (115,652)
Fitness Minutes: (74,870)
Posts: 522
6/21/14 7:16 P

Archimedes, LOL!! I am going to think of that every time I run now, complete with sound effects. emoticon

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (200,147)
Fitness Minutes: (299,243)
Posts: 27,333
6/21/14 3:23 P

I run like Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man.

Ever watch him when he's chasing a bad guy ? He's always shown in slow motion even though he's supposed to be running at 60 mph.

That's how I feel some times. I think I'm supposed to be running at top speed, but I'm really in sloooooooooow motion, just like Steve. LOL

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
6/21/14 3:06 P

I run like an elephant running through peanut butter. but I don't care what I look like to others as I get the job done.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,457
6/20/14 11:38 P

"floppy eared drooling basset hound"

Love it!!!!

It's awesome that you are comfortable in your own skin these days, and don't let long ago comments put you off doing the exercise that you want.


HEALER1 Posts: 1,145
6/20/14 6:49 P

I too look like I'm a slow moving herd animal when I run, but so far I have not had anyone stop and ask me if I'm okay!! I would have thanked him for his concern (after I finished laughing hysterically!)
I have had people stop and ask if I wanted a ride home because it was raining--thanks but no; I'm already wet so I may as well finish my run emoticon

MCROW35 SparkPoints: (1,865)
Fitness Minutes: (174)
Posts: 30
6/20/14 4:22 P

I hear ya.

I was an elite level wrestler in high school and wrestled two years in college so I was familiar with running. Now days I look a lot less graceful between the extra weight and losing good form along the way.

GREEBO Posts: 24
6/20/14 4:20 P

I think he might have thought I was having a heart attack or fleeing from someone emoticon I can do a lot of stuff really well, and I was a sprinter in high school and college. I won thingies and titles.

But make me run slow and steady and I want to shoot myself. I'm not pretty slogging the miles.

MCROW35 SparkPoints: (1,865)
Fitness Minutes: (174)
Posts: 30
6/20/14 4:11 P

It's not good when the Cops see you run and think you might be drunk or having a seizure. emoticon

GREEBO Posts: 24
6/20/14 4:03 P

I actually had a cop pull over next to me and ask if I was in distress.(Ma'am) I burst out laughing, he must have thought I was insane.

MCROW35 SparkPoints: (1,865)
Fitness Minutes: (174)
Posts: 30
6/20/14 3:07 P

Well, I run like a drunken ox when I run so it just so happens I get exercise and everyone else is entertained. emoticon

Edited by: MCROW35 at: 6/20/2014 (15:08)
COURTNEYANNE414 SparkPoints: (2,061)
Fitness Minutes: (185)
Posts: 27
6/20/14 3:01 P

I joined the track team in high school (9 years ago) to get in shape and quickly became known as "Court-a-saurus" because I ran like a dinosaur... I quit after a year of pre-historic jokes. Since then I've avoided running in public at all costs.

Well, after losing 30 lbs and being stuck at a lengthy plateau, I threw caution to the wind and added the Couch to 5k program to my exercise routine (I also kick box and play ultimate frisbee). I wake up 3 days a week at 5:30 AM and do the workout - every time I feel stronger than the last. It's such an awesome feeling to reach the end of the workout where you start off thinking 'how the heck am I going to run 15 minutes without a rescue on speed dial'!?

And guess what? I still run like a dinosaur... or the 'meme' where you think you look really graceful running but in reality you look like a floppy-eared drooling basset hound...but I'm now totally okay with who I am and how I look. I am 1/2 way through the program and I can't wait to sign-up for a real 5k.

To anyone else out there who runs like an extinct species, farm animal, k9, etc... you got this! Don't give a hoot about what others think...they're just jealous because we're having more fun!

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