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1/23/12 1:25 A

Thanks so much, Norigrey! I really appreciate the recipe.

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1/22/12 11:46 A

I work out with a cold all the time. My gym has tissues and hand sanitizer all over the place, so I just blow my nose, clean my hands and get back to business. Sometimes I take boot camp classes where you have to do some stations with a partner, and I make sure to blow my nose BEFORE I get to one of those stations so I don't mess up the other person's workout. If my gym didn't have tissues and hand san, I'd just bring my own and keep it near my water bottle!

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1/22/12 10:39 A

I'd work out at home if I were sick, don't want to be huffing and puffing disease all over the gym.

Also, here is my go-to soup for when I'm not feeling well:
And I always drink lots of tea with honey/lemon, and orange juice.

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1/22/12 10:07 A

cardio helps to clear out the sinuses..I've never missed a workout due to a cold.

1/22/12 9:55 A

Why shouldn't you work out? It's just a cold, not a broken leg or a flu or something. If you feel up to working out, then work out. Take a break if you need it, maybe hold back the intensity a bit, but there's no reason to keep yourself from working out if you feel like you can. I had a nasty cold last weekend. I loaded up on sudafed and went to the gym anyway, and I ended up actually feeling much better for having done it.

To get rid of a cold faster, take immune supporters like emergen-c or zicam, get lots of sleep, and if it's in your throat at all, I find it helpful to gargle with either salt-water, vinegar (diluted) or listerine. Anything that will kill the germs in your throat - works on a sore throat every time for me. I also drink a lot of tea with raw honey - honey has antibacterial properties, but you need to buy the raw, unprocessed kind, not the kind in the squeezy bottle at the supermarket. You can get it at health-food stores and such. I stock up at the farmer's markets every fall to get me through the winter. I've been pretty successful the last few winters at getting rid of my colds within a few days, and often I've been able to head them off before they get too bad.

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1/22/12 9:40 A

Since rejoining my gym at the beginning of January, doing Zumba classes there is the most fun thing I do. It's not even like working out. It's a chance to do something only for me while my kids sit in the gym nursery. But I have a cold (so do my kids), and I really shouldn't work out. It's so frustrating. Any advice on what you do to work out and feel better when you have a cold? Or any advice on how to get over a cold faster? Magic teas, etc. (I am very excited to be on Sparkpeople. This is my first post.) emoticon

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