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TACDGB Posts: 6,136
12/22/12 6:18 P

So do you want to loose that weight or keep it off for good........? it's all about a life style change. Start by getting the junk food out of the house. Put working out in your life on purpose. Find a workout that you will like so you keep on doing it. use all that sparks has to offer. Good luck you can do this.

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12/22/12 3:58 A

To whoever said you gain weight faster than you lose it: It's different for everybody! The only universal truth is that there are ways to consume thousands of calories in just a few hours but sadly no way to burn that much in that little time. But if you just eat healthy and clean and stop when you're full... because of the fact that you burn calories during every moment you are alive, weight-loss doesn't seem so scary. And some people have an awful hard time gaining weight, and some who think they have "slow metabolisms" start eating healthy and exercising and find they don't!

To the OP: 30 lbs in 3 months is a bit too much for you. The most we should really lose a week is 1% of our body weight- so 1.7 lbs the first week, then 1.683 lbs the next, etc. Running 20 min will burn probably 150-200 extra calories, depending on your personal fitness level and how hard you push yourself, so 20 min of running a day burns you an extra 1050-1400 calories a week- or look at it as 0.3-0.4 lbs gone- without changing your diet. So, you'd need to lose about 1.3 lbs more via your diet, which means cutting 4,550 calories from your diet each week (that's 650 a day). What that means is that based on your stats (I put in 30 for the age, because I figure that's average, and assumed 8 hrs/sleep and about 2 hours of walking around the house, cooking, cleaning, eating, bathing, etc), each day you would need to eat 1450 kcal/day to start out with.

So, the point here is: yes. But don't just mega-restrict yourself. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy food for being FOOD. Find love in the sensual experience of eating. Don't just restrict yourself. People who restrict or go too aggressive to start end up going back to their old ways.

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GINGERVISTA Posts: 6,236
12/22/12 12:34 A

I'd strongly recommend reading emoticon to learn more about SparkPeople. I've 'dieted,' as many others have; but SparkPeople is about learning how to be fit & healthy, & doing it in a sane, healthy way. The days of "dieting," with the goal being exclusively to lose weight, doesn't gibe with what this program is about.

SUSANBEAMON Posts: 11,564
12/22/12 12:25 A

if ou read the various postings and reports on this site, you can get a very well-rounded health program set up. there are no quick fixes that are also healthy. unfortunately, you can gain weight faster than you can lose it.

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
12/21/12 11:03 P

Great, sounds like you have the right attitude :) 15lb is a good amount to aim for in 3 months, go for it!

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12/21/12 10:57 P

Thank you so much for a reply . I just set that goal for myself in order to have something to work towards . To be completely honest, I would be happy losing about 15lbs , I just want to look a little trimmer & feel good about myself.

I don't have much experience in health & fitness . I am in good enough shape to run due to sports only .
By strict diet , I meant just staying under my calorie range which is 1200-1500 ..

Thanks for your time :)

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
12/21/12 10:44 P

Hello and welcome to Sparkpeople. Here we promote a healthy lifestyle, not quick fixes. Weight loss is a slow process. Is there a reason why you want to lose this amount in 3 months? What happens when it takes longer?

At 170lb you won't lose 30lb in 3 months. I started at 190 and it took me 9 months to lose 30lb. You can probably expect a pound a week, so 12lb in 3 months would be a more realistic goal for you. Remember that weight loss is not linear. Some weeks you might lose 2lb (like I did this week!) or you might lose nothing for a month (like I did for November). That is OK, and it is normal, so don't stress about it. As long as you are recording a loss over time you are on the right track.

Running is not recommended everyday when you are new to it, that is just asking for a injury. The exercise that is best is one that you like and will stick with. If you like running then that is awesome; Do it 3-4 times a week. Strength training shouldn't be overlooked. It will help you to maintain your lean muscle and ensure that most of the weight that you lose is from fat. Strength training doesn't need to be anything fancy, some push ups, squats, lunges, and planks every 2 days would be a good start.

You mention a strict diet. How strict? What does that mean? You should be eating in your spark ranges, as that will help to keep you on track. Don't beat yourself up if you go over your calories, or you eat some junk food. It happens to all of us, and I personally believe that junk food is not bad for you, it is part of eating a balanced diet. Don't go nuts, obviously, but a cookie that fits into your range once a week won't hurt you.

Hope that helps.

3MONTHS30DOWN SparkPoints: (9)
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12/21/12 6:21 P

I am a girl, i weigh 170lbs & I'm 5'5. I am currently trying to to lose 30lbs in 3 months . I am going to eat clean but I am confused on what to do about excersice . Will running 20 minutes a day & eating a strict diet help me lose this weight ? Or do you have any better suggestions ?

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