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1/6/13 10:21 P

Wow, I never even thought about it in that sense, that I shouldn't do everything at once. I've been making my focus on just being healthier, I figure that should be the biggest thing to focus on. As far as what I've been doing; I've stopped drinking soda! Just water and tea. And I've been trying not to eat as much junk food which I find to be overwhelmingly difficult. I never realized how bad I ate until I started focusing on it. I've also been doing at least half an hour of exercise ever day. Noting too extreme, but enough where I can feel it. I really want to stick to this, and I know I can, but I also know it's going to be hard at some points too. What do I do when I'm feeling especially miserable about it all one day? Have you ever ran into that problem? Is it easy to overcome that?

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1/6/13 10:13 P

First and foremost: Don't try to change your entire daily routine at once! Start by making small changes. I didn't start out eating broccoli for snacks, or exercising regularly. I started out by eating the same things I always have, but tracking them, and measuring out proper portions.

Make small changes over time, and don't try to do it all for once. You have the rest of your life to do this... you don't have to do it tomorrow!

This isn't a journey of perfection, either. It's all about doing the best you can, when you can, and when you mess up, picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and moving forward. And you WILL mess up... you have to prepare for that, and accept it.

You can do this. :) Look inside yourself, because ultimately, that's where your motivation comes from. No one else can motivate you! Only you can do that. Decide why you want to be healthy, and really make it a good reason. Not "I want to not be fat", but concrete, reachable goals like "I want to run a 5k" or "I want to climb stairs without getting winded."

And as for if you're doing it right... well, what are you doing? ;)

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1/6/13 10:04 P

Hi everyone! So, I'm kinda new to all of this. I've never had a weight problem or anything, but I really want to just be a healthier person. My problem seems to be that I'm surrounded by so many people who don't care that it's dragging me down. I never realized how hard it would be to change my entire daily routine. I'm trying to take those right steps, but I don't know if I'm doing it right or not? I know this may sound a little petty, but just having some people reassure me and give me some pointers would be very much appreciate!

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