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9/5/13 11:22 A

Stay focused.. I too am crazy busy, work, school activities , chaperoning trips back to back every weekend , dental & dr. appt. and I make time for exercising. I always have my cooler with ice in my car, with healthy snacks and water. Sometimes it is stressful and hectic, but we must have the "Will Power".. I have times where it gets so hectic to even squeeze any exercise in!!! Put I just have to stay focused and as a busy mom find balance...If I fall, I get back up Stronger...

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9/2/13 8:38 A

Don't be discouraged! It can be tough sometimes. The best thing to realize is this is a learning process. If you slip up you can start new the next meal.

Taking time to pre-make healthy meals is something that I have found really helpful. I will make something healthy, such as black bean burgers, and then just heat one up when I need a meal in a hurry.

Another thing that would really help is keeping the junk food out of the house. I don't have kids, but me and my husband have found a way to make it work for us. He is naturally very slim, and a bowl of chips it not going to affect his weight the same way it affects mine. He has been great and has agreed to only by snack food that I do not like or at least are not major trigger points for me. For instance, if we buy BBQ chips I can devour those in a day or two, but if we buy sour cream and cheddar chips, for me, that is not a big temptation.

As far as cravings, it's nice to have things around that aren't horrible that will satisfy the craving. For me, I like air popped popcorn and Endangered Species Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt bars. Obviously those things still needed to be eaten in moderation, but for me it has helped cravings.

I can honestly say that sometimes, when life reaches a super hectic point, I do go for periods without going to the gym. Don't let this be a discouragement. 80% of a healthy lifestyle is the food you eat. Try to squeeze a shorter workout in at home to just stay active. When life calms down a little bit, or when you get used to your new routine and have a second to find pockets of time in your schedule you can pick back up at the gym.

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Hi Janelle
I'm fighting to stay on track as well. I don't have kids and my schedule is not hectic, so we are living very different lives but have the same problem. I've been avoiding the scale because I don't want it reinforce what I think I already know; gained weight. One thing I read recently that is helpful is that when you want to eat too much of something "off limits" (or however you categorize "bad" foods) it really means you just need to be soothed somehow. Perhaps taking a shower or having someone rub your back will take away the urge to eat bad things.

Fortunately, every morning when we wake up, there is a whole day where we have the chance to start over. I wake up each morning highly motivated to make healthy choices. By the evening, I really start to struggle. I guess I can't have anything bad in the house because I will eat it. I live by myself so that strategy has worked for me, but I see it is not so easy for people who have others living in the same house.

Well I wish I had something more motivating to say, but I thought it just might help a little that you're not alone and many of us are fighting the same battle!

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9/1/13 9:35 P

I can honestly say that I started out stronger than ever, but this month has been very hard for me to stay focused. I feel like I am finding little excuses to eat bad things. Today it was the 2 pieces of birthday cake I made my daughter. I have done so well, I don't know why I am feeling this way. I have lost over 32 pounds, but now I do not even step on the scale, because I know I am not doing as well as before.. My life has become chaotic because of the kids having school, football practices etc. I do not have the time I used to, to go to the gym. I still want to lose much much more but I need some motivation.. I beg you..


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