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6/17/13 3:04 P

I'm the same way...lacking motivation. I'm just trying to go day by day. I read somewhere about making an "inspiration" poster. Put positive sayings on it, pics of yourself when you were the size you want to be (if you were there before), or pics of women whose bodies you feel that you can strive for (but be realistic about it). This is what I'm going to do. Now I just have to dig up those old pics.

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
6/17/13 2:27 P

You could try focusing your workouts on your wedding goal. This article can help you tailor your workouts to the type of dress you will be wearing.

Wedding Dress Workouts
20 Workouts to Help You Look Perfect on Your Big Day

(There is a link at the bottom of the article that can help you select a dress for your body type if you haven't done that yet.)

If you haven't checked out the Brides-to-Be Getting Buff Lifestyle Center you will find other helpful ideas there as well as a way to connect to others that are motivated by their big day.

Coach Tanya

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6/17/13 1:21 P

Find something active that you enjoy and then you'll want to go do it. For me, I found I loved fencing, so I'd go and do that a couple of times a week. Then I realized that if I wanted to be better at it, I'd need to get stronger and faster, and so I started working out outside of fencing for that purpose.

The best exercise is the exercise that you want to do again.

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6/17/13 1:18 P

Join a team! There are a lot of teams on here. Pick one that offers a challenge: you have to do something every day or every week. You'll also find a buddy so you both can be accountable. There are many wedding-related teams as well.

If you'd prefer visual motivation, here's something that a lady I knew once did. She found the most unflattering photograph of herself, copied it, and stuck it everywhere that there was temptation. In the freezer, on the remote control, tucked in the box of cookies. It would remind her of what she didn't want, and it would inspire her to go and work out or pick a healthier snack.

You can do it and you'll be an even more beautiful bride than you are right now.

OMEEK214 Posts: 134
6/17/13 1:08 P

I keep losing my motivation to stay active and workout. I know that I need to lose the weight and I know I need to workout and eat healthy to do so but I just cant seem to stay motivated to get up and keep moving. Does anyone have any idea's for me to do so I can stay focused and motivated?

I want to look good when I get married in November 2013 emoticon

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