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4/4/13 1:23 P

The reason why I have to keep a close eye on the carb intake is that my sugar levels are playing up and down...I find that when I keep my carbs under 50 on each meal and snack intake I am able to control my sugar levels stable.
I also can not consume wheat products, that crashes my sugar levels below the norms real fast!
I was not taking in enough calories...I now try to take in 300 calories per snack time and 400 calories on each meal time
Thanks for all the tips and sharing

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4/4/13 11:42 A

May I ask why you need you carbs at minimum levels? Complex carbs such as vegetables and whole grains are important for fueling your body adequately.

What's your current diet look like? We can make all the suggestions we like, but it's not going to help you if you're already eating those things, or can't.

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4/4/13 11:35 A

Beef. My favorite, but definitely high in calories.

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4/4/13 9:04 A

Cook everything in twice the amount of oil or butter that you would have otherwise.

4/4/13 8:10 A

A couple of my favorites are

Heavy cream

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4/4/13 7:53 A




those are the ones I can think of at present
Choose full-fat when doing dairy
Greek Yogurt, for instance (not the stuff with junk added)
Throw some chia seeds, cinnamon and nuts on it, if you wish.

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4/4/13 7:50 A

I am having to gain weight....I need food ideas that are high in calories but on the other hand I have to keep my carbs regulated to the minimum levels.

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