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5/13/13 2:15 A

Stay strong. I know it can be hard sometimes to resist temptation. We all have our own demons. Believe in yourself. We all here for you.

JANLUCY Posts: 1,524
5/13/13 1:45 A

Dawn, fall down seven times, get up eight! We all have days like that, and for me, I actually had almost twelve months like that, causing me to re-gain thirty-eight pounds back of the eighty I'd lost before I realized I could not, would not go back to where I started and the only person who could do anything about it was me. I've lost thirteen pounds in the past six weeks now and I'm loving being back in control. Spark Coach has really helped me, but there is so much available for free on Spark People too. Immerse yourself in the articles, the blogs, the success stories. You can do this and you are worth it. I suffer from arthritis too, so I seriously do feel your pain. Losing weight has reduced my pain levels immensely. It takes time to build new habits, but it is so worth it!
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5/13/13 1:35 A

I try to do things that keep me from feeling so stressed, otherwise I will just eat too. It's so easy to say, I've had a pretty crummy day, so I deserve this cookie. Then the next thing you know, you've eaten the whole box! emoticon

Favorite music, being outside (when the weather is nice), laughing, doing something creative, studying the Bible and spending time with my nephews all help me.

That being said, I've been struggling a lot lately too! But I ordered the Spark Solution and am just trying to make myself get back into being here and posting, etc.

Do the one next right thing! Don't dwell on your mistakes, just keep looking forward! emoticon


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5/12/13 10:02 P

I often have an issue with "boredom eating" !! Unless I'm truly hungry and its time for a healthy snack....what seems to work best for me is to make a cup of flavorful herb tea and add a teaspoon of honey, and then take it to another room --out of the kitchen!! I think part of why it works is the process takes a little bit of activity and time to do (so my mind is involved in something...), and then there's just something relaxing about hot tea...!
If its middle of the day, a short walk into the yard to "poke around the posies" works too!!
Its the distraction that does the trick!

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5/12/13 9:13 P

Hello Dawn,

Here is another option with multiple benefits to focus and increase mindful choices:
(breathing exercises)


DAYYOU123 Posts: 13
5/12/13 4:57 P

I am having trouble getting to stay motivated, there are days I do good and then back to old habits, HELP. One thing I do is try to keep my mind focused on working on craft projects but then arthritus kicks in and then OH OH eating help me please give me ideas.

Thank You


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