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7/5/12 4:12 P

Ive tried braces and i do swimming for physical therapy for my knee and also the tendons and ligaments in my feet. Ive strained, ripped, or torn them off the bone over 6 times in the last 4 years....4 times winding up with crutches and every time in a walking cast. Then followed by 3 or 4 months of no activities out side of walking and then followed by months of physical therapy. My family teases me saying that i may look like a teen but on the inside im really an old lady. It just seams like im super accident prone no matter what im doing

7/5/12 2:51 A

Swimming sounds like a great option for you- it's really easy on the joints and for some people it can burn up to 600 calories an hour! And it may not be easy, but you've gotta get over the fear of damaging your knee again. Maybe you could get some therapy or something for it.

However, I have never experienced or heard of such strange eating patterns... Maybe it has to do with hormone imbalances or correlates with "that time of the month". You could always get that checked out, too.

7/5/12 12:55 A

I used to do sports too, and I was prone to spraining my ankle. One thing I did to protect my ankles during my workouts was by using an ankle brace. You could try the same thing with your knee until you feel comfortable enough without a brace. You can buy a knee brace at
Wal-Mart or any convenience store and they're not too expensive.

In regards to eating habits, start small! For example make a gradual switch from 2% milk to skim milk or change from white bread to whole wheat/whole grain bread. Of course setting a low-calorie diet would be a great idea too! By making an effort to eat on a consistent basis, it will be easier to eat healthier. For example, for my diet I eat 400 calories every 4 hours.
Good luck!

7/4/12 9:44 P

Im almost 16. Im 5'3" and weigh 142. I know I'm over weight and have been trying to get down to at least 130. I grew up playing sports all the time...but in the last two years i havent because of a knee injury. Now i am always tired and i go through weird eating patterns...(some weeks i eat all the time and then the next i have trouble forcing myself to just eat two meals a day). And exercise is hard since im afraid of screwing up my knee again. Any ideas for working out better eating habits or exercises would be very much appreciated!!!

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