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DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
4/30/13 2:03 P

The reasons I want to lose weight (but moreso be healthy defined as 100% function of body mind and spirit with no evidence of disease--
1. I want to spend quality time with my nieces and nephews and not be winded or tired.
2. I want to get off meds
3. I want to go on a cruise when i get older NOT spend any time in a nursing home
4. The biggest reason-- I DON'T WANT TO DIE from stupid things. I will be fine dying of old age.

NENATO2 SparkPoints: (185,008)
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4/30/13 1:07 P

I'm motivated because I want to be as active as possible as long as possible. I want to be independent all of my days.

SABLENESS Posts: 7,602
4/30/13 12:52 P

Thanks! My motivation has been lagging, and I need a re-Spark. Just for today: stay in cal range.

10YEARSDOWN SparkPoints: (2,264)
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4/30/13 12:41 P

I think it's hard to stay motivated to lose weight simply because weight is the side effect - the outcome - not the action. Weight loss is passive.

I can stay motivated to go for a walk everyday and enjoy the sunshine.

I can stay motivated to experiment with healthy recipes and find out how pretty and nutritious my meals turn out.

I can work on a personal challenge to complete a set of weights, or pushups, or squats, and beat my previous numbers.

I can throw out all the cereal, potato chips and cupcakes and replace them with oatmeal, salads and apples.

These are things I can do. My motivation is in the joy these actions give me. And, as a nice bonus, if I do them, I lose weight.

BUNNYLAMB SparkPoints: (52,562)
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4/30/13 12:23 P

Congratulations on your success so far!! Blood work progress is a great achievement, nevermind the 20 pounds and being stronger and healthier--you've definitely got something to show for your work.

I'm still at the beginning of my weight loss so I'm not sure I have any advice for you but thank you for being a good role model--and good luck on your next steps!

Editing to add a couple of things I do to keep motivated, just in case it helps... I have pictures and statements handy at my desk and near my bed at home that are reminders of why I want to lose weight... for me, those things include a couple of outfits I'd like to wear again, loving the way I look in my vacation photos, going on hiking and cycling trips, and a few other things. Yours might be different. I find it helps to look at these things when I "lose the plot" a little :)

There's a thread I love to read for motivation too, it's called "WOW! The little things ... what have you noticed?" I feel inspired after reading about other peoples' successes and it makes me want them too.

Good luck!!

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GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,802
4/30/13 11:53 A

My motivation is dwindling. I am 66 and am healthy. After 3 years of a healthy lifestyle I am lighter by 20 lbs and stronger and healthier. My recent physical showed real progress in all blood work.

But I still weigh 164 which is too much for a 5' lady. With only a little more to lose the lbs are coming off harder.

I know you can't give me a reason to lose weight but thanks for listening.

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