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2/2/12 6:07 P

Congratulations on reaching your goal weight... That is totally awesome.

Now if I am reading this correctly, you still feel that your body needs more toning. I've learned that to lose weight you need more cardio, and to tone up you need more strength/resistance training.

Because I need to reach my goal weight, I do 5 days of cardio per week and 2 to 3 days of strength training. If what I have learned is correct, than when it is time to focus on toning, it would only make sense increase my strength training an additional 1 to 2 days per week. I would probably cut a day of cardio, but still keep it around 4 days to maintain my weight.

I hope my "logic" helps you some. emoticon


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2/1/12 3:45 P

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Well, if you've achieved your goal weight, does this mean you've started maintaining that weight ? If so, then you don't sound stuck. If you've achieved your goal weight and haven't regained, that's great ! You're maintaining your loss.

The thing about maintenance is that it really is a fine balance. You know you should be eating to maintain your weight, but you're worried that you're going to regain if you eat too much. That's where balance comes in. You're going to need to experiment with your intake and your exercise to find out what works best for your body.

One thing I will say is that as long as you eat right, watch your portions and keep up with your regular exercise, you will not regain any weight. The weight starts creeping back on when our old habits start creeping back into our life. All the habits you adopted to take the weight off, you'll need to keep the weight off.

But, do cut yourself some slack. give yourself some "breathing" room. Don't say you'll always be 150 pounds. give yourself 3-5 pounds in either direction for a margin of error. Will you gain weight ? Yes, you might see a slight increase. that's not a bad thing. It depends on how low your goal weight was and whether or not your body can maintain that weight. Some women have chosen weights which are a little too low for their body and found that maintaining that weight was really difficult. they found that maintaining at the slightly higher weight less stressful.

At some point, all of us who got to goal weight had to determine whether or not our goal weight was sustainable. You won't know if it's sustainable until you've been at this weight for a while.

So, I suppose the question is what are your goals now that you've lost the weight ? Losing weight is one goal. Now, you need a new one. If you like seeing your muscle, why not continue with your strength training ? Because that's how a person loses inches i.e. with a good strength training program.

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2/1/12 3:21 P

I lost 50lbs four years ago and more or less maintain my weight. In December, I had major surgery and now am losing the 3 pounds I put on laying about and rebuilding my endurance and muscle tone. Even though I reached a certain number on the scale 4 years ago my body slowly changed shape over the years. I lost loose skin, I slowly took on a leaner shape so without doing anything different you may lose inches with time.
I also agree that stress is a killer. First of all, forgive yourself if you have a bad day and plan ahead to avoid getting too hungry. I had a time period when my dad was in the hospital, having surgery and I was driving my mom who doesn't drive everywhere. There were moments when I knew I was eating from stress and just decided that for this one meal I would eat what my emotions needed and go back on the wagon when at the next meal. I didn't try to compensate by eating less at the next meal, just went back to the normal pattern once I felt more in control. I didn't gain my weight back even with moments like that.

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2/1/12 2:29 P

I reached my goal weight, and was starting to see actual muscle. I haven't put weight back on (yet) but I don't feel like I'm making progress anymore. I work out every day, watch and track EVERYTHING I eat - but I seem to be "stuck" - with still more inches to lose. Nothing is changing anymore. Except that the extreme stress that made me gain weight is back and worse than ever. I need help before I go back where I was... I need support, and clues about how to NOT go backward after all this effort. I'm scared...

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