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6/25/12 8:34 A

Thank you for the suggestion! I will try to pick up a pedometer this week and start tracking that! Great idea!

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6/24/12 4:23 P

You can get a real cheap pedometer ( I bought mine for a dollar) at like a dollar tree or dollar general store (whatever store like that where you live). I challenge you to get a pedometer and put it on when you first wake up in the morning and walk no less than 5,000 steps (this is half of the daily recommendations)

6/19/12 9:17 A

Help me, please! Is anyone out there willing to challenge me to push myself beyond limits I have yet to discover? I NEED this desperately! Thank you.

6/18/12 9:19 A

Hi all! Not really new here, been on and off for about 5 years... trying this time to really get my weight and diabetes under control.

I've reached out to my Facebook family and created a public page for help and support. I'm looking for challenges, whether they be nutrition or fitness related. I have a gym membership, but I'm trying to do this without utilizing it in a dual effort to inspire others who may not have access to a gym.

Things I have at my disposal are my feet (I'm not at a jogging pace yet, but walk at about a 20mph pace), a recumbent bike, a stability ball, yoga mat and a 10lb kettle bell. I'm trying to find a good mix of strength/flexibility/cardio training and keep it mixed up because I don't want or need my routine to get stale. When I walk, I average about 2 miles at a time.

One of my challenges this week was to start tracking my food (again), so that is what brought me back to spark.

I'd love to hear any suggestions for changes in my routine, and I promise to report back to you if the challenge was completed or not. If you wish to follow my progress on Facebook, you can "Like" my public page at

Looking forward to hearing what any of you have to challenge me!

Thanks, and it's great to be back!

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