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ANDREALEE10 Posts: 454
1/21/13 6:47 A

Hi Lisa3691! That's too bad about the step fall; exercising is tough enough without injuries! Staying motivated has been a big challenge. I met my goal in 2011 and then slowly the pounds crept back on. I noticed the biggest change was not going on SparkPeople every day like I did when I was losing. I decided yesterday to regroup and get back-I felt better with the extra pounds off- had more energy and was less stressed. Knowing how I felt then is giving me the motivation this time around. That's great that you're doing well- I have lots of moments when I want to eat what I shouldn't ( I am an emotional eater- happy, sad, stressed, excited- any emotion- I want to eat!). I think logging on SP is the best way to fight those cravings- seeing that others are going through the same as me makes me realize I'm not alone. Losing weight and getting healthy habits isn't easy- but it's worth the effort!

LISA3691 SparkPoints: (4,341)
Fitness Minutes: (989)
Posts: 48
1/20/13 6:27 P

Hi How are you? How do you stay motivated? I am doing pretty good right now I have my moments when I want to eat things i shouldn't. I fell down some steps Friday night so exercising is hard.

ANDREALEE10 Posts: 454
1/20/13 5:55 P

Hello, I turned the big 5-0 this year and want to drop the pounds too!

DUKEFAN86 SparkPoints: (110,939)
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1/20/13 5:23 P

Hi LISA3691, I'm also 49 and am trying to lose weight too!

LISA3691 SparkPoints: (4,341)
Fitness Minutes: (989)
Posts: 48
1/20/13 11:47 A

I am 49 yr old as a nursing but with age and quitting smoking I have gain ed. I wish to loose weight and be healthy. Would like someone I can encourage as well as to encourage them. God bless Lisa

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