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6/17/11 9:28 P

If I eat pizza, I only eat REAL pizza. However, to calculate the calories, I just go onto the Pizza Hut web site and find the calories in one large piece of cheese pizza (I don't like meat on my pizza), and add 100 calories to that total, just to be on the safe side. Also, before I eat the slice, I dab it to soak up some of the oil. When I order a whole pie, I ask them to cut down on the cheese and give me more sauce.

It's not a perfect science, but I'm doing the best I can and I refuse to give up REAL pizza!

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6/17/11 8:11 P

Being full blooded Italian I have to say, you need to know who is making it and what they are putting in it. My aunt, mother, sister in law and myself all make them completely different. when I want to take the lazy way out I use bridgeford frozen bread dough, my aunt uses the pre made boboli and my sister in law goes to the deli and gets them to sell her a skin or two to take home. other than that look at what is in the sauce and then add all the veggies or whatever you want to the top. If you want to eat it out just figure in the veggies with jarred sauce from the tracker and french bread or rolls. You will probably be really close.
Try making it at home for yourself and your family, you won't want restaurant much after that.
Good Luck, God Bless.

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6/17/11 8:24 A

If I wanted to track it, I think I'd either try and break it down ingredient by ingredient (olive oil, sauce, etc.) or else I'd go to, find a similar-looking/sounding recipe and look at its nutrition info.

Also, I've seen several recipes for non-Americanized, "authentic" pizza in my Cooking Light cookbooks, which have nutrition info listed. You might try looking at their website for pizza recipes to see if you can find something with similar ingredients, and look at its nutrition info.

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6/17/11 8:11 A

it is all control. i can pig out on pizza. i do love it.

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6/16/11 11:23 P

I don't know how to track it, but the deadly trio in pizza is the crust, cheese, and greasy salty meat. I do understand that sometimes you go out to a special meal and may not eat perfectly, that's just life. Get as thin a crust as you can, veggies on top and lite cheese-most of those places don't put heavy cheese anyway, at least not here in CA. Side salad and it's a decent meal.

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6/16/11 11:06 P

I, myself, have always wondered about the bread... you know the homemade kind they put their subs on?

I read somewhere to assume, that once slice, of thin crust pizza, with cheese, from a medium pie has appx 300 calories, I don't know how accurate that is. Usually, for the purpose of counting and tracking, I say it was Pizza Hut thin crust.

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6/16/11 10:33 P

I know there's info everywhere on the nutrition of mainstream pizzas--Domino's, the Hut, Papa Johns, and all those frozen kinds. But I'm curious about how it compares to fresh, authentic Italian stone-fired pizzas, which have clearly different tastes, textures, and even looks. Since they seem to only be at restaurants without published info, I was wondering if anyone had a clue. I'm just assuming they'd be healthier than their Americanized counterparts!

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