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1/31/12 10:29 A

My husband and I are coffee hounds. Pot in the morning and one in the evening to relax with while we distress. that like 12 cups each a day. Way too much. I started putting the sugar and 2% milk in the pot, about 1/2 a cup of milk and 1/4 of sugar with cinnamon. No more overly sweet or burnt, bitter coffee. The pot is cleaned and off by 7pm at the latest. Now if i could only get to bed earlier.

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1/24/12 2:56 P

I love coffee morning too :-) I like the idea of cutting down & make it like a treat..on a day of the wk.

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1/21/12 4:30 P

I love my coffee in the morning. Try using coconut milk instead of creamer or milk. It has way less fat & calories. Life the other ppl have said, use a drip system, and also grind the coffee and keep it in an air-tight container prior to using it. Don't let the coffee stay on the warmer for more than 15 min max - then it will become bitter. Enjoy your coffee and relax w/all the hulabaloo about cafeine and whatnot - life is short- enoy it!

1/14/12 10:20 P

I've tried, but I just don't enjoy coffee without my half and half. I know that isn't the healthiest option, but nothing else is able to scratch my caffeine itch like a good hot cup of strong "milky" coffee. So as a compromise, when we started our new healthy lives last year around this time, we gave up coffee entirely except for Friday mornings, when we allow ourselves to have it just like we like it. This way, it is a treat, not something to indulge in every day. Of course, I count the calories and cut back on something else to compensate. I've learned that I can live without my daily java, but I do confess we sure look forward to "Coffee Friday" every week!

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1/14/12 7:37 P

you can try adding a little salt to the grounds before brewing. a few shakes will usaully do the trick.

KJBDOIT Posts: 87
1/14/12 8:41 A

I heard that caffeine is hard on the liver. I have been drinking 64 or more ounces of filtered water instead. Diet anything has the same complications, I heard nothing but bad reviews about diet. Someone said that the first three letters of the word diet says it all.


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1/12/12 2:03 P

I drink 2 cups of coffee--black--in my travel mug. After that I switch to Peppermint tea--no sweetner, hot water, or ice water until I get home. Then I have 1 can of Diet Coke in the evening.

Can't do flavored or sweetened coffees, but occasionally I do enjoy a little non--dairy creamer (plain, not flavored) with my coffee.

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1/12/12 10:31 A

Really good coffee, made in a really good coffee pot. The burned, bitter flavor comes from water being too hot. You can add spices to the grounds before brewing- that gives it some great flavor. I tend to throw in cinnamon or a pie spice (pumpkin or apple depending on my mood).

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1/11/12 9:26 P

I enjoy a small amount of fat free Canned Milk in my coffee if I want it lighter. For Black coffee, try popping orange, cherry, or peppermint mint tic tac or breath savor into your black coffee for added flavor without the calories.

MEMEME75 Posts: 658
1/2/12 11:43 A

I have never enjoyed black coffee...until...a co-worker made coffee in a percolator. Best coffee I ever had!

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12/31/11 1:17 P

I used to drink the entire pot of coffee in the morning by myself, 12 cup capacity. Then it broke. emoticon It took me two weeks to get a replacement. That was two weeks with no coffee. Once I started brewing again, I have found out that I don't like coffee as much any more and probably only have one or two cups per day now.

12/30/11 10:41 A

I buy good quality coffee when it goes on sale and stick the extras in the freezer. Because I don't like black coffee either, but try to stay organic, I use a tiny bit of agave nectar to sweeten the cup. It has no taste (or after taste like some artificial sweeteners) and it's from a plant. Hope this helps.
ps. The espresso idea is wonderful. Good espresso on it's own is delicious!

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12/28/11 8:26 P

I bought a coffee grinder and grind fresh beans evry time I make a pot of coffee. Much less bitter. I prefer a small amount of skim milk in place of creamer-as you said,useless calories, with milk a small amount of calcium and Vitamin D.

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12/23/11 9:48 A

My doctor suggests that I need it. So now I am drinking green tea. I really do not miss it. emoticon

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12/21/11 6:17 A

Buy some good grade flavored coffee - I like Hazelnut or Vanilla. Don't perk your coffee. Use drip types of makers instead AND don't leave the pot warmer on - that's where the bitterness comes from. I'll drink cold black coffee and if I want it hot I just put a cup of it in the microwave. Never bitter.

And you may find that as you change your eating habits you'll be drinking less coffee and cafine drinks. 10 cups a day is nothing, I used to drink 2.5 pots a day and now I'm down to 5 cups.

KELEKONA Posts: 605
12/20/11 7:49 P

Cold-brew? Cinnamon? That trick with the egg? Just switching brands? Switching to another source of caffeine, like pills?

1 cup of full-fat milk is less than 200 calories. When I have a pot of tea, I fill my creamer and only drink whatever milk it will hold. It would be even better if you like skim.

I also sugar the pot. 2 tbs is a lot, but much better than a spoonful in each cup, and I can play with decreasing the amount.

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12/20/11 12:45 A

I think the best option is espresso with good ground coffee--it doesn't need anything added to it. emoticon

(but if you're drinking 10 cups of coffee a day you're risking developing metabolic syndrome, etc.)

12/18/11 11:10 P

I buy some awesome flavored decaf coffee's online and flavor them with some stevia and sugar free syrups...It is yummy!

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
12/18/11 9:35 P

I really hope you are not drinking 10 cups of coffee a day !!!

What about fat free half and half ?
Skim milk and Splenda ?
Sugar free caramel syrup ?
Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla ?

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12/18/11 11:39 A

Is there a way to make black coffee taste good? I have tried it in the past and it was too bitter. I use non dairy creamer, which is 10 calories a teaspoon, but when you put 20 calories in your body ten times a day, that's 200 useless calories. HELP!!

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