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5/26/11 9:37 A

I love my bread and I buy the best.

JOANIEBUG46 Posts: 4,214
5/25/11 1:49 P

I love breads too, but keep only a limited supply at home. Sometimes have bread with dinner when I go out. Breads, rice, etc., are comfort foods for me.

5/25/11 8:48 A

I LOVE carbs! Bread, muffins, rice, cake, cereal bars, and the list goes on! I think you have to find a good balance. I definitely can't imagine myself living the rest of my life without eating another Sister Schubert's dinner roll so balance for me is essential! emoticon

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5/25/11 7:57 A

Yes, I know what you're going through. I love my bread. Chabatta,sourdough,rye, whole wheat, Italian to name a few. I could go on but I'll stop. I like to dip it in olive oil with garlic.

FITFITZIE SparkPoints: (6,657)
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5/24/11 2:50 P

Hi. First time I'm posting.

Does anyone else find it hard to cut back on carbs. I know the complex carbs are a must in our diets, but I have noticed that people who greatly reduce their carbs seem to have better results in the "battle of the bulge." I don't know if I could cut back. But, it seems that I'm not getting anywhere with just reducing calories. And yes, I'm exercising to keep my metabolism revved. My sisters who are dieting and losing weight along with me (but I'm not losing) very rarely eat bread. I can't imagine that! Oh, and they DON"T exercise. Not fair!

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