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I am so pleasantly surprised every time I read the nutritional value and ingredients in PC's Blue menu products. Their food is always delicious too, I bought it all the time before I was even being conscience of my eating habits. They are one of the most healthiest food companies I've found yet. Not only do their foods boast mostly natural ingredients and little to no perservatives but they don't replace what they take out with something just as iffy. Like if it's low fat they don't replace it with sodium and they are one of the few companies that actually pay attention to their sodium content. And they have like zillions of different choices and foods. They have products for every type of food you can think of. I'm not sure if they have PC in United States?

My husband picked up some turkey lunch meat from the deli on our last grocery trip for my son's lunches. I had come across this recipe for a turkey apple sandwich last night that looked devine but was dismayed because it's not often I have fresh turkey on hand. I thought I'd make an exception to my "no lunchmeat" rule and have some of the turkey slices my husband bought. I find out they're PC blue menu and I looked up the nutritional value:

3 slices (60g)

60 cals 0g fat 1g carbs 14g protein and only 55g of sodium.

I ♥ PC.

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