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MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,461
9/9/12 6:58 A

Well done!

RUNANDRUN SparkPoints: (52,584)
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9/9/12 12:17 A

It's perfect.

SENIORSWIMMER SparkPoints: (20,177)
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9/8/12 7:08 P

You're doing great! Consistency over time is better than a big weight loss one week, and binging the next.

JODNEX Posts: 1,815
9/8/12 11:17 A

That's great! 1 lb a week is excellent progress.

GOOSIEMOON SparkPoints: (239,392)
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9/8/12 11:07 A

It's wonderful! emoticon

MCFHARPIST SparkPoints: (65,651)
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9/8/12 1:14 A

PINK20782, yes, that's good. Very good. Slow and steady is the very best way to lose weight. I lost .88 pounds a week from May 1, 2011, to mid February 2012 (about 34 weeks). I've kept the weight off (from 158 to 128). I used and continue to use the Nutrition Tracker and the Fitness Tracker. Those two tools keep me accountable.....and very happy!

Spark On!

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NFLATTE Posts: 9,550
9/8/12 12:02 A

Good for you...That is a healthy rate!

THELOVELYBIRD SparkPoints: (0)
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9/7/12 10:09 P

Girl, you lost FOUR POUNDS. Pick up a four pound weight and realize that you are now four pounds lighter.

You have steadily lost weight which is an even bigger accomplishment. You are progressing more and more and losing weight. That is HUGE and amazing.

You're on the path to becoming fit--it's a hard path and it starts with baby steps, you know? Like, a person who is beginning to jog can only walk, but they're building the muscles that will one day help them run a marathon.

You are awesome, if you're losing weight, you're losing weight and you should measure other signs of success, too, like fitness accomplishments and spark streaks!

9/7/12 10:07 P

That is good keep up the good work.

LINAMARIE64 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/7/12 9:54 P

any weight loss is good job!

ROSE-LITE Posts: 1,930
9/7/12 8:38 P

I'd take 4 lbs! Like the others least you're going in the right direction. I'm a slow loser - 10 in 8 weeks. And I liked the advice about checking the trackers...good idea. Just keep on trying

9/6/12 8:57 P

It's not about how fast it's about the direction you are going. You are going in the right direction and making choices that will help you in the long term. Keep it up.

9/6/12 5:25 P

I agree with OfficialOldy, make sure you are eating enough. If that is okay, then just let the weight loss process work itself out in your body. At my heaviest weight, I lost very quickly. Now I'll sometimes lose 5 lbs in 3 weeks, then only half a lb in the next 3. Everyone loses weight differently. Celebrate the fact that you lost those 4 lbs and keep moving!

Congrats on the weight loss! Over the last 5 years what I've learned is that weight loss takes a loooong time. Commit to the long haul.

9/6/12 4:57 P

That's good, but I think it could be better. How much do you exercise? Check it on your fitness tracker. Are you doing the minutes per day that it says you are doing? I found that I was exercising more than the 30 minutes that I thought I would. My nutrition tracker was basing the calories on the 30 min., instead of the 90 min. (I decided to train for a 5K race) that I was doing. I wasn't eating enough food and that's why I wasn't losing weight. I never realized you could "eat too little" and so not loose weight! So check and see if your activitiy matches the number on your fitness tracker. Hope this helps.

PINK20782 Posts: 10
9/6/12 3:59 P

I have tried so hard. I've eaten right and even exercised.

I'm glad I have lost weight but I'm not sure 4 pounds is good enough.

Am I doing something wrong?

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