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3/2/14 4:26 P

I could easily gain 4lb or more in the same day, and a lot of people are like this. Remember that there is more to weight-gain than TRUE weight-gain. What food you still have in your system weighs - the amount of sodium in your last meal or two will affect you re fluid retention - your normal monthly hormone fluctuations etc.

I am more inclined to go by how my clothes fit than the scales, altho' I DO weigh myself occasionally - generally every 2-3 months, on my Medical Centre's big fancy scales.

I think that you have to remember that what has been done, is over and done with. It doesn't matter about yesterday. What matters is today, and how you go forward. Realizing that your weight WILL go up/down is perfectly normal should help to reduce fear and remove any anger aimed at yourself, if you are that way inclined.


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3/2/14 3:17 P

lol...I've seen a 3 pound gain the day after eating Chinese (the insane sodium) even though I knew I couldn't have gone over 2,000 total for the day.

Sodium makes me retain water like a mad woman! And it's in so much processed food, it's not even funny :(

It's taken me sometimes up to 4 days to get rid of it by chugging water like crazy.

3/2/14 3:09 P

I am not really worried about 1 pound or 2 but I am afraid of 5 or 6 but after what eelpie said that seems unlikely.
Even so the skipping a week seems like a good idea, I will consider it, or maybe I will wait until Wednesday to do my weekly weigh in.

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3/2/14 2:59 P


If you think you're going to be miserable if you get on the scale on monday, then why not skip this weigh in ? Wait until next week to weigh yourself. That will give your body a chance to release any excess water you may be retaining as a result of eating foods that may have been high in sodium. Eating too much salt can cause water retention. which in turn causes a scale weight gain.

What to do ? You could skip this weigh in if you tie your emotions to the scale. If you decide to weigh yourself, then you must accept that your weight might not be a number you like. You can't beat yourself up over these types of fluctuations. My weight can vary as much as 2-3 pounds in a day because of a shift in my water weight.

That's why you can't tie your emotions to the scale. Remember, there is more to good health than a number that stares at us from between our toes in the morning.

3/2/14 1:23 P

thank you that really did make me feel a lot better

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3/2/14 1:21 P

You relax :)

You know it's coming - the best you can do is:

* Eat well today, stay in your lower end of your calorie range

* Drink a lot of water today . One pound equals about 3,500 calories. Did you eat an *extra* 13,000 calories in the last few days (4 pounds). I doubt it. A lot of whatever it is is most likely water weight from sodium/processed foods you consumed. Keep drinking water, it should come off in a few days.

* Don't sweat it (can't do anything about it).

* Learn from it!!!!!

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3/2/14 1:08 P

I was out of control for a few days, I weigh in every Monday. I know I will gain, but what if I gain a lot of weight?
what do I tell myself to not take it to hard?

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