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2/18/13 5:07 P

Thanks Tacdgb for the input! Gotta love the fruits and veggies!

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2/17/13 10:16 P

welcome......good luck in this. Remember it's a life style journey. I love your idea about eating good carbs. I do that too and I feel so much better. I do 1 whole grain a day and the rest comes from fruits and veggies.

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2/17/13 3:38 P

Thanks all! I will make my nutrition tracker public. I did go over one day. I just want to eat healthier carbs and cut out a lot of bread. I am determined to lose! Thanks so much!

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2/17/13 2:37 P


1) Give your body a chance to react to the changes you've made.
When I started with SP and, like you, was bouncing between the same two pounds, it took a good 3-4 weeks before I started consistently losing 1lb a week. Then after a few months I needed to tweak again. For some it can take 6-8 weeks.

2) One week does not a plateau make. It's perfectly normal for you to lose, not lose or even gain in any given week. A plateau is being stagnant over a few months. That's when you reevaluate what you're doing and where you can make improvements.

3) Lowering carbs is not the catch all magic beans to weight loss. Lowering carbs should be something you do because of the way it makes you feel and it's something you can live with for the long haul. Having said that, if you do eliminate carbs make sure it's not of the fruit and veggie variety. Do the research and see if it's something you want to make a lifestyle.

4) You don't just want to lose weight, you also want to maintain the weight loss when you've hit your goal. This means going at a slow and steady pace.

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2/17/13 2:26 P

Carbs are not the enemy! Your body, and especially your brain, needs carbs. Are you tracking your food carefully? Watching portion control? Keep your calories, carbs, protein and fats within the daily ranges SP recommends for you (for me it's 50% carbs, 30% healthy fats and 20% protein). Perhaps everyone has the same range. The program really does work as it is, so please don't second guess the pros.

2/17/13 2:20 P

Hi there!

Your nutrition tracker isn't public. So, it's difficult to tell if there are any issues there.

Also, you joined on Feb. 12th! That's not even a week yet. If you lost any weight at all it would be a pleasant surprise, and probably mostly water weight.

Give it some time.


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2/17/13 1:14 P

Help ! I keep gaining and losing the same pound for the past several weeks. I lost about 3 on my own and now i am stuck. I just joined sparkpeople this past week logged all my food and exercise and still didnt lose. I may try lowering my carb intake a little. I dont know.I ave been exercising about 4x a week. Stationary bike and walking on treadmill. I just ordered a fitbit and leslie sansone walking dvd.

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