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1/9/13 2:29 P

I have the zumba disks and zumba for the wii. It's great for just a quick dance during a commercial when the tv is on or dancing when cooking

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1/9/13 1:27 P

Just exercise little and often. The Wii is also fun - WiiFit and Warioware in particular can get you up and moving.

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1/9/13 1:20 P

Thank you everyone. I think this helps me with ideas....walking inside, hoola-hooping and a video. My daughter has offered to make me a hoola-hoop so I can keep moving. Coach Nancy, I will also check out that video!
School was cancelled and all my kids are at home bc we are expecting flooding from all this rain. I am going to get my daughter to download some "music to move to" on my phone. I am telling myself I am going to GET MOVING! emoticon

1/9/13 12:05 P

Change your mind set

Instead of thinking of hibernating like a bear, think of being a catepillar and emerging from your cocoon come spring and being a butterfly.

This is your chance to emerge from winter sweaters and be more graceful and thin come spring.
Plus normally in the winter we burn more calories just keeping our body core temps up, so when you pair that with exercise and clean eating, the results can magnify. I know last year, I lost the majority of my weight Jan - April, and stalled come May & June with the warmer temps. (Broken ankle in mid August didn't help anything either, but alas)

Can you start a group fitness class?
I find the group fitness classes (Zumba, jazzercise) really easy to attend in the winter months, more so over taking a walk outside when it's 30 degrees out. However, I also challenged myself to walk for 10 minutes a day this past December. Simply brute force of making myself take a walk, and some days I did stop after the 10 minutes, other days I went on and did 20 or 30 minutes.
If you work out of the home, maybe swing by the mall after work and take a quick circuit of the mall, inside, warm temps, you can start thinking about the new clothes you'll need to buy once you've lost some weight.

I literally keep a picture of a butterfly on my fridge, so whenever I see that picture, I can refocus on my goal of emerging come spring.

Best of luck

KRALLEN1 Posts: 257
1/9/13 10:26 A

I have not wanted to move this winter. But I keep reminding myself of my goals and that has been motivation enough. I may not workout as hard as i did when its warmer out but I think doing some exercise is better than nothing.

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1/9/13 1:00 A

I hate winter - it's why I moved form Michigan to the west coast and lately it's been very cold so I can totally relate. For me the hardest part is getting out of bed. We were off work over the holidays and I slept in nearly every day and some days did nothing but get up to go out and eat. I would've been better off working out at least 30-60 minutes but I didn't so now I'm makeing up for it - but slowly. I don't do too much until March or April comes along but here are some of my coping strategies.

My suggestions would be get something you can do indoors. Put on some music and move for 10 or 15 minutes. The other night I was logged onto SP and someone had listed 5 things they did that day. I realized I hadn't moves at all it was on the weekend so I got up and walked up & down my hallway, thru a couple rooms over & over for 10 minutes. Not much but at least I did something.

Tonight I'm going out into the garage - its cold out there but not too bad, and I am using the hula hoop my niece gave me. It keeps me moving and is low impact. Some days I simply stretch and do yoga in the early morning before I get dresssed for work and follow along on a TV program we get. I also have stretch bands and a routine my physical therapist gave me for when I can't get in there to PT. Sort of like good old calisthenics.

If you can afford it and have the room, I suggest a rebounder, treadmill, exercise bike or anything similar. Not knowing your kids ages you might consider bowling. I find that if I have a list of options, then schedule different actiivities on various days, I'm more likely to get some movement in. You can also put on your walking shoes and hit the shopping mall and simply walk. I highly recommend you get extra padding for your feet as those surfaces have no give being stone tile over concrete but maybe that isn't yet an issue for you.

As a reward I then take a nice hot bath before bedtime, relax and enjoy the warmth. This is what bubble bath is made for, or if you prefer, a little epsom salts in the the tub while filling can soothe the muscles.

Treat yourself to a nice hot cup of tea, some Vitamin D capsules, and a graham cracker with cinnamon while curled up by a pretty candle and just dream about spring flowers, sunshine and the coming months. Before you know it, summer will be here and you will be so ready for it. I know I will.

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1/8/13 11:27 P

I never want to exercise...that's why I am here...

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1/8/13 8:58 P

Well, eventually you have to just do it. I would go for a couple of fast-paced 10-minute workouts, one right after work and the lighter one in the morning or before going to sleep. Write in your to-do list and try to get a long streak.
It just helps to build momentum..
it's also a good idea to hit the pool, since it's very soothing and mood-lifting and take your kids with you.
There's are also lots of ways to get some exercise while having quality time with your friends or kids, just playing outside or going skating/skiing/sledging or taking a walk with family, going bowling or doing circuit training while pretty much joking around and having fun.
Of course, there are also gyms and group classes. You may prefer yoga or fun dance classes or try some spinning or water aerobics...
Have fun with it!

RAIN-I-DASH SparkPoints: (1,184)
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1/8/13 8:40 P

I know what you mean about the weather. It's been cold and wet for the past few weeks, so I've had to suck it up and purchase a hoodie to wear outside when I'm on my walks (I also wear my jacket from dance since it's waterproof). I've decided that mornings are going to be my time to myself to workout before classes (I have my schedule set up so I wake up at 6:30, I can get around an hour workout in, shower, breakfast, and make sure lunch and my school bags are packed before 8:45-9 AM so I can then walk to school and be on time for my 9:30 class). I'm already a morning person, so this works for me. I've started stock-piling fitness videos that I can do in my small space of a room and between 30-60 minutes in length.

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1/8/13 8:39 P

Hi Debra,

If you are new to exercise, know that any form of activity is better than nothing, even if that is walking in place for 10 minutes. And know that the benefites of exercise are cummulative so three 10 minute sessions are just as beneficial as one longer session.

Also, if you have not checked out Coach Nicole's workout videos in the Fitness Resource center now may be a good time to do so. Lots of short, quick and effective videos to be found there.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

DEBRA123FORME SparkPoints: (4,504)
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1/8/13 8:24 P

I do NOT do winter very well. Right now it is cold and rainy outside so there is no way I am venturing out in this. But I seriously need to get some more exercise in. Today the only exercise I did was walking that I have to do at my job. I get home and I tend to kids, cook a healthy meal and then....I just don't feel like doing anymore exercise. Any ideas?

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