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6/24/13 5:38 P

I am sorry that the people that mean the most to you are not supporting you. I know that it is hard. Please don't stop your journey. You are making a decision to be a healthier person and that should make you proud. It took me until I was 30 to finally say ok I have had enough. I am super proud that you have made this decision now. Keep it up, hopefully your family will come to accept your lifestyle and finally support you, if not we are here for you. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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6/23/13 8:27 A

Hello everyone, im 18 and i want to lose weight (im 63 and i want to be 55 kg- (for 165 m) i eat perfectly healthy but sometimes my family members and friends are trying to sabotage my diet and i can't handle it anymore. İ don't know why they're acting like that, i don't want to see anyone, i become a desperate person. When they're offering me food, i say 'no' kindly and they're starting insisting and it freaks me out. İ just want to be understand by someone. My mom thinks what im doing is stupid (my parents are divorced) Now im going to abroad with my father and his family and they dont know about my healthy eating habit, they're consuming junk food every day and i dont know what to do.. He becomes very angry sometimes but i think as im 18 im able to take my responsabilities im not a crying baby anymore... Sorry about my bad english. Have a nice day

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