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JAMALO8 Posts: 17
10/23/12 8:32 A

I know exactly how you feel!! It took me 2 years to finally adjust. I started at 170 lbs looking to lose 10 lbs for my wedding that was 2 years away, instead I gained 35 lbs and loooked miserable on my wedding day. For me, it was rock bottom that finally made me say enough was enough. However, trying to stop eating what I was used to was really hard. So I tried weight watchers smart one meals. I would have them for breakfast lunch and dinner, and I would have 100 calorie snacks and lots of fruit/veggies. I did this and ONLY this for the first few weeks and I dropped 10 lbs like it was nothing. Now that I've started to lose I was confident in starting to make my own food or even have some things from before, of course in moderation and as long as I was being active. Now, I've lost 17lbs and it's still coming off.

The weight watchers meals are a great way to keep on track to help yourself get jump started.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,707
10/23/12 8:02 A

Took a quick peek...
beer, candy, quick bread and cookies will not help you lose weight.Yes, they can be worked in, but not all of those in a day!

Try limiting yourself to one treat a day. Eating more protein will help you fill full. And log everything, preferable before you eat it. Then you can decide whether or not you really want those calories.

You CAN do this... it takes time to adjust.

KATIEMAE10 Posts: 202
10/23/12 7:46 A

I am trying to lose, and I just keep gaining weight! I have gained almost 10 pounds since April. When I try to talk to my husband about my frustrations, he just tells me that I'm fine, I'm healthy and to stop worrying but the problem is, my clothes don't fit, I don't feel good about myself. I try to track, but my calories a so inconsistent and I have been eating over my calorie limit for the day the majority of the week. I know I need better self control, why is it so hard for me to find? I need some tough love, I want my old body back.

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