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5/10/13 10:37 A


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5/10/13 10:20 A

I understand where you're at!! Just stick with it and I promise you'll feel better. I lost 40 pounds when I love my job in 2010...once i started work again in 2011, i didn't realize how much I wasn't paying attention to food and my weight! You can get all the support you need here!! Good Luck!

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5/10/13 9:09 A

Welcome to Spark People! That is a great mobilizer to get healthy! Use every tool on the site, read all the excellent articles about health and fitness, get the books! They really capture the essence of the Spark approach. Which by the way is definitely NOT dieting, so be careful not to cut the calories too far or deprive yourself with too-strict meals. That just results in rebounds born out of sheer biochemical cravings! The coaches and experts know their stuff. They have great research behind their approach here, so learn all you can. Join a Team or two for fun and get involved in the Community for support. Got Sparking!

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5/10/13 8:11 A

I been in nursing school for over a year and gained more weight sitting and eating , can't fit in my clothes . I got up this morning I said today is the day having a protein shake half a grapefruit then doing my walking video. going get it off . going to make a appt. with my doctor I cant be a unhealthy nurse . I'm going stop hating myself and loving me more.

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