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GRIDSIE Posts: 2
10/13/11 10:54 A

let's be buddies!
we cam make goals and motivate each other :)

TORI961 Posts: 71
10/12/11 9:34 P

lol OMG i do the same thing :( ineed advice also :) Mabe we can build eachother up :)

GRIDSIE Posts: 2
10/11/11 11:54 A

I always do that.
a while ago i swore that i would do 30 mins of workout from Seventeen (you know that page where you can tear out) everyday. I did it for two weeks than I gradually gave up and also gave in to food. I am 5" 6 ' and I am now 130lbs. But somehow I look like really fat. I have bulgy legs and a huge tummy and people all think that i weight something like 150...I have no idea why.
i think we need to be BUDDIES babe! That way we can motivate each otherr!! :D

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10/10/11 6:50 P

Hey there!

In all honesty, one of the things that always made me fall of the wagon really fast was starting too hard with dieting.

First, don't think of it as dieting; It's a LIFEstyle change. It's not something you are doing for this week, this month, or even this year. You're doing it for the rest of your life. It'll just get a bit easier as time goes on.

Second, try giving up the little things at first. Remember that what seems little to us, might seem monumental to you so don't let others influence what you decide to give up. For me, I gave up drinking soda. But I didn't do it completely cold turkey, I slowly lowered the amount I drank. I went from drinking about 3 cans per day to drinking about one soda every two weeks.

Third, exercise is vitally important. It's just as important as eating healthy is. Motivating yourself to exercise can be very difficult, even I am having trouble motivating myself. But what has helped me is also creating a calendar and tracking when you have exercised. It helps to have the visual of working out too, rather than just "tracking it" on the website.

It does get better, and this website is such a great place to find tips, tricks, and information!

~Much Love ♥

10/10/11 1:13 P

KKOENEN1994 Posts: 1
10/10/11 12:52 P

I get on a diet and stick to it REALLY well for about a week, then I get tempted, get off track, and fail again. Help?

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