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12/2/12 9:46 A

Congratulations on your resolve to go to the gym and stick to healthy eating during your work day. All the comments and suggestions you have been given all excellent. I think as some others have said, you just need to allow yourself more calories (healthy ones) during the day. Try adding some healthy protein (light cheese, tuna, grilled chicken, beans, etc) to your breakfast and lunch. Get rid of those empty calories that are lurking in your frig and cupboards. Your kids don't need them anymore than you do. If you can't stand throwing them away, take them to work and let some other poor soul enjoy them. Read, read, read all the healthy articles here on SP and be sure to include Chef Meg's SP recipes. Log your food! Get a pedometer, log your steps, it really helps. Again congratulations on your decision and your commitment and remember 1 day blown does not equal total loss. emoticon emoticon

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12/2/12 7:54 A

My personal favorite "trick" to combat that get home and start eating thing-- I keep a tupperware container of prepped low-starch vegetables (carrot & celery sticks, green pepper strips, tomatoes cut in wedges, cucumbers, etc) in the fridge. As soon as I walk in the house, I get out that container, set it on the kitchen counter, and take the lid off. It is right there, staring at me, and the food is ready to eat. If I want a real treat, I'll put some Laughing Cow Light Cheese on the celery. Or dip the vegetables in hummus. Even if I eat absolutely everything in the container, it isn't a lot of calories and it's all healthy stuff.

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11/27/12 11:37 P

I had this exact scenario going a while back: exercising and eating healthy all day until... I get home... it was like I opened the door and was lost. I was tired but had stuff to do so it was natural to reach for something sugary and fatty to raise the happy brain chemicals and give me energy. Only I always felt like I'd failed afterwards.

So here's what I do, glean from it whatever you wish.

I plan ahead.
If afternoon when I get off work is my trouble time and I will switch and run errands at that time and avoid coming home until that's done.
Or I'll grab a healthy cup of Jo (my favorite is an Americano with 4 shots or homemade coffee with cream)
Or I'll plan to have a delicious snack ready for when I get home: apple slices and nuts, or cheese and crackers, etc

I'll put my stuff away and drink my coffee, have my snack and read a magazine or listen to a radio show while I "Transition from work to home".

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11/22/12 12:55 A

Each person's weight loss journey is going to be different, but I can tell you that afternoons were the worse time of the day for me too. I solved the problem a few ways. First, by eating about 7-800 calories before 3pm, that way I'm not as hungry before dinner, and second by removing myself from the situation. Meaning if I didn't HAVE to be home in the afternoon, I went to the library or somewhere else. I recognized that from 3 to 5pm is danger time for me, and so I picked up my son from school and we went to the library, or the skating rink, or anywhere else but home.
We're all trying to break the bad habits that got us to this website, right? For me, that means distancing myself from food.

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11/21/12 10:40 P


If you find yourself snacking mid-afternoon can you try replacing the peanut M&M's or ice cream with a protein bar? So far my favorite is the Market Pantry (Target) brand Chocolate Peanut Butter. I keep mine in the fridge and when I feel I need a snack and want chocolate I grab one of these. I've found that keeping them cold takes me longer to eat them and by being forced to slow down it gives my stomach time to signal my brain that having one is enough. It seems in my case when I really am looking for a chocolate fix I'm low on protein and these bars although not low in calories can be worked into healthy eating. I'm already planning on having a couple in my purse for Black Friday shopping - energy to keep me going and sweet so I don't grab a candy bar while waiting in line to checkout.

Remember this is a lifestyle change and taking baby steps really is the best way.



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11/20/12 9:43 P


While I am not a RD or nutritionist spreading your calories throughout the day is better than saving them for the end of the day. For example: Eating 300, 500, 200 and 500. Remember 1200 calories is generally reserved for those who are currently close to his/her goal weight and who live a very sedentary lifestyle.

Coach Nancy

11/20/12 9:25 P


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11/20/12 7:26 P


What is your calorie range?

Coach Nancy

11/20/12 7:19 P

How many calories do you suggest I eat by mid-day? How much should I leave for supper? I weight 212 and would like to be about 170 for now....I really need advice!

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
11/20/12 5:52 P

Once the bad stuff is all consumed, don't buy anymore! If you do, get a small pack-single serving. Yeah, it's more per pound that way, but then, you can control yourself. (Look for UNJUNKED. It's a little better for you than M&M's, sweetened with agave syrup and colored with natural plant extracts.They also make their version of snickers, milkyway, and reeses cups. I get them for my son when he wants sweet, because he can't have artificial colors.) You're doing the gym. One small change at a time.

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11/20/12 5:50 P


Just from what you are describing, it sounds to me like you are not eating enough earlier in the day, therefore, by the time the afternoon/evening comes around, your resolve to stay on track is gone. If you do not eat enough at the beginning of the day, the hormones responsible for keeping our appetite under control become skewed and so your body needs the food.

My suggestion is to make sure you are eating enough calories during your breakfast and lunch, along with planning a mid-afternoon snack, while making your dinner one of the lighter meals.

Coach Nancy

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11/20/12 5:14 P

First, congratulations for making the time to go to the gym at such an early time :-)

I went to have a peek at your Nutrition Tracker, but you don't have a SparkPage. I suggest that if you aren't using the Nutrition Tracker that you start doing so. It gives you a calorie range to work on. Just ensure that you have accurately put in how much exercise you do because that will make a difference to the calories recommended. I weigh all of my food for increased accuracy. It MAY be that you aren't eating enough during the day which is a common mistake and is often the cause for derailment of our plans later in the day. You have a very early start to your day with the exercise, so ensure that you get some healthy snacks in as well as your normal meals.

You mention eating ice-cream yesterday when you came home and sounded horrified about it. There is NOTHING wrong with ice-cream other than ensure that you have small portions and it fits into your daily calories. Don't go beating yourself up over that. It has happened. The good thing about waking up in the morning is that it is a new day - yesterday is history. Apply this analogy to your 'mistakes' too!

Another thing which has crossed my mind is that perhaps you are new to this Healthy Lifestyle process. If so, it may be that you are trying to change too many things too quickly. Baby steps is the way to make good progress and gives us a much higher chance of reaching our goal. This means changing only one or two things to start with, and only when your mind/body has gotten used to the changes, add something else to the mix. You will be less likely to crave or feel deprived with this method. Also, this is NOT about deprivation. We can still eat the things that we enjoy, but watch portions, and with the less wise choices of food, have them only occasionally.

Take care,

11/20/12 4:39 P

I have gotten up every morning and gone to my class at the gym at 5:30am. I start my day eating oatmeal, coffee, eat a salad for lunch and then come home am eat 4 servings of Peanut MMs! Yesterday the same thing, but I ate ice cream! What is wrong with me? It's like I can't control myself. Afternoon eating is my worst time of day. I come home from work between 2-3 to be home for my kids after school and make supper. I usually eat enough food to consider it two meals! I have so little self control when I am alone. How can I overcome this?

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