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6/6/14 6:56 A

Since you can't get in to see a counselor for 6 months; have you checked to see if there is an Overeaters Anonymous group that meets in your area?? Attending these type of group meetings may be beneficial.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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6/6/14 6:40 A

You remind me the way I was in college. Humbly speaking, I had the best toned legs ever since I religiously took Aerobic Step class 4x a week, however, I would go back to the apt. famished and tear into a bag of potato chips.

Everyone is right. You're calorie count is going to have to change. It's almost like when you decide to switch from regular soda to diet. It's uncomfortable at first, but once it's done and you're adjusted to's no biggie.

I would suggest going on the Shred Diet. It works! It's about snacking or eating frequently and on a controlled schedule. Once you adjust to it, the pounds should drop. And its totally do-able! But it's a total lifestyle change.

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6/6/14 6:34 A

I'd agree that even though your exercise is somewhat non-traditional, it would be a good idea to try to get a guesstimate of what you're burning on average per week, just to then be able to get a calorie range to eat. The eating is the key-- you cannot out exercise a bad diet.

While you wait for a doctor appt.-- have you looked for binge eating teams here on Spark? Or perhaps Emotional Eaters? Another thought would be, perhaps, a book. You could search Binge Eating on a site like Amazon, read reviews for various books, and then see if your local library has any of them. Not a substitute for professional help-- just something to do while you're waiting, and then you don't feel like you're just adrift, waiting. Also you could look to see if your community or local hospital offers any kind of overeaters support group.

I'd agree too with Kris-- can you replace the types of food you usually binge on, with healthier choices? Clear out the junk food and sweets, and stock your kitchen with fresh vegetables, fruit, whole grain breads/ crackers, nuts, things like that? I've found that I'm less likely to overeat on the healthy choices, than I am on the junk and sweets. For a while when I first started out on Spark, it was necessary for me to totally swear off the chocolate and desserts and treats, just to get out of the habit of going overboard. It took a while for me to be able to practice anything like moderation with them. (They were "trigger foods" for me.)

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6/6/14 3:57 A

Well as a start are you able to reduce the soda/juice and increase some water, and perhaps reduce cake, sweets, and replace it with a couple pieces of fruit. That isn't a big change, but it is a little one that can help start you off right.

Is there anywhere else that you could get in sooner to see someone? Perhaps your Dr may be able to make a few suggestions.


AHRENA Posts: 10
6/6/14 3:23 A

Thank you.

Unfortunately the waiting list is around 6 months, I'm going to go nuts if I don't improve things before then!

Losing slowly would be just fine with me, I've only been doing the silks and pole dancing for 2 months and already seeing big changes to my body regarding muscle and toning so to be honest the 15 pounds is only a ball mark figure - that's the weight I was when I fitted into my old clothes but if I fit in them before due to my body changing shape that's fine by me too!

Thanks :)

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6/6/14 2:54 A

AHRENA - I'm sending you big hugs. Hopefully your appointment will be very soon.

Kris xx

6/5/14 7:49 P

As you already know, Binge Eating is an eating disorder which really needs professional treatment. Have you ever worked with a counselor before for the binge eating? What did you work on at that time? Would it help this time?

How soon until you get into a treatment program? Are there any support groups in your area?

This site, our experts and our members are not able to provide the therapy you need. And sometimes "suggestions" can actually make matters worse. There therapist will need to determine the correct action to take regarding food intake, calories, counting calories, etc.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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6/5/14 7:28 P

I'm the same height and roughly the same weight as your goal, so that sounds reasonable.

Unfortunately -- this is probably not what you want to hear because of the binging -- but your biggest change to lose the 15 pounds is going to have to be calories. For your exercise I'd probably put you as "active lifestyle" or however SP puts it, and then add in your runs, your circuit training, and your silks on top of that (though if the silks don't really get your heart rate up maybe don't count it, or count it as something that doesn't burn much, like yoga). You can't expect to lose because of your exercise alone, but you'll want to account for it so as not to try to go too low in calories, which would only make the binge issues worse.

Since you're so close to goal and also have issues with the binges you'll probably want to aim for a low rate of loss (250-500 calorie deficit at most, or 0.5-1 pound per week) and then just be patient with it. Other than that, since I don't have any personal experience with binging, I'll let others respond. Good luck!

AHRENA Posts: 10
6/5/14 6:53 P

I want to lose about 15 pounds - vanity pounds really which I gained over the winter by comfort eating after a break up.

I'm very active but some of it is difficult to track as some isn't very common exercise

Basically I have 2 horses. I spend anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours riding them a day, and I care for them myself so muck out ect. I also work with horses for a job, so during the week I can spend 3/4 hours in the saddle easily and lots of time walking ect.

I'm a keen runner. I'm training for a tough mudder race so building up to half marathon distances. Currently my long run is around 10k and I run 2 or 3 other times a week at the 4-6km mark, but this is increasing week by week..As part of my tough mudder training I'm doing 3 circuits week for about 40 minutes consisting of strength training i.e. push ups and pull ups and cardo such as burpees.

I ALSO do pole dancing once a week and I do aerial silks dancing - I do 1 official class a week but have silks at home and the amount I use them varies depending on the weather (I have it set up outside) but probably 30-60 minutes 2 or 3 times a week

Now you would think all this exercise would keep me slim, but unfortunately I'm a binge eater. I can easily consume 4000+ calories in 1 sitting, even multiply times a day. I've been trying to just not binge but it isn't really working..So I thought maybe planning what I eat ahead of time will help as then I don't need to think about it, I eat, I move on. Plus if I plan ahead, I may as well count calories which I think will help the binges as I can plan ahead to include chocolate/deserts which otherwise I find difficult to eat without binging (its silly - I feel guilty for eating it so I binge instead)

I am waiting for professional help to come through with the binging but I can't just sit here and let it happen meanwhile. So any idea?

Oh I'm 22, female, 5 foot 8 and currently 153 pounds. I used to be 140 and was very happy with my body there.

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