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5/21/14 3:57 P

"I had a headache almost everyday two weeks ago. I began having a sore throat,and it got worse to where it hurt to swallow. I went to the doctor. I had an ear infection and strep throat."

I seem to get a headache for a few days whenever I'm exposed to strep, whether I get sick otherwise or not. My son's school has had it going around and he's caught it three times in the last couple of years, and I've gotten a headache every time.

Just a thought, that if it isn't that bad of a headache, goes away after a few days, and doesn't come back, it might well be some kind of mild infection.

KASTRA Posts: 369
5/21/14 2:57 P

How long has it been since you had your eyes checked?

For years, I got obnoxious headaches. I had a wide assortment of assumed reasons, which included food-based (ate too little, ate "that" food, not enough water) but even when I had roughly the right food and drink but not the foods I assumed were trigger foods...the headaches still cropped up periodically. I assumed they were related to my cycle even though they came all month long. I'd average 2 or 3 headaches a week, and they would sometimes last a full day or two (but I had a few epic 3+ day aches, too).

I had fantastic eyesight as a child (20-10) and still see great, so despite the occasional person that said to get that done...I didn't until this year. It turns out, I still have 20/20 vision but I have a pretty wicked astigmatism in both eyes (but different corrections). Now that I have glasses, I do not notice much of a difference in what I actually see. During the day, things are a bit more crisp-looking, and at night I do not get that halo effect around lights as much. Miraculously, though, I've had one headache in the months since I got glasses.

That might not be it...but thought I'd mention it if you're like me and assumed vision could not be related. If you do have your eyes checked regularly, like others mentioned, I would say it's worth a trip to the doc. Just like your car behaves at the mechanic, your headache will probably go away as soon as you make the appointment. :) Worth the call!

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MISSAROSA1 Posts: 2,012
5/20/14 11:52 P

I had a headache almost everyday two weeks ago. I began having a sore throat,and it got worse to where it hurt to swallow. I went to the doctor. I had an ear infection and strep throat. emoticon

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5/20/14 11:45 P

You may want to see a doctor or chiropractor -

5/20/14 3:19 P

I do think 1400 calories and 30 minutes of exercise a day sounds like a good plan. If your headache doesn't go away, do see your doctor. Seeing a doctor is no quick way to actually get rid of the headache though, since headache can be so vague. I developed a problem with severe headaches recently, and after seeing my doctor, options range from anitibiotics for sinus infection (which I don't think I have) to a CT scan to rule out the possibility of a tumor (which I also don't think I have.)

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5/20/14 3:06 P

Thanks everyone! I did not even consider factoring in the calories I burned off during exercise! Do you all think with exercising 30 minutes a day 1400 calories will be enough? What are suggestions on that? Sorry I am new to all of this!

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5/20/14 2:23 P

If you have had a headache without relief for 3 days, you should be talking to your doctor. If you get headaches on and off, and it's been happening for 3 straight days, I'm one of those cautious people who would still say, 'See your doctor.'

Not everything is related to diet and food. I tried to explain away a mysterious ailment my son had when he was 7 or 8 years old to a new food he had tried. It was pizza with olives. I still took him to the doctor, it's just that in my diet-obsessed brain, it must have been the food! I must have sounded like a lunatic - I think I was, but at least I was in the doctor's office, sounding like a lunatic.

It turned out that another little boy developed the same strange ailment, freaking his parents out big-time, and the doctors also. The boys were in the same class. All sorts of dire scenarios were imagined. It took my son days to be able to get out of bed, and the doctors never did figure that one out. The other boy's doctor ordered a spinal tap, and after having the spinal tap (painful, I think), the boy got up and walked away, completely symptom-free.

Treat yourself the way you would someone you care about deeply - it's a good motto.

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5/20/14 2:11 P

Did you cut out soda, coffee, or tea? Caffeine withdrawal can definitely cause headaches.

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5/20/14 2:09 P

I am absolutely not an expert, but I know that if I ate only 1250 cals a day, I'd be feeling very, very poorly.

I get migraines, and some of my triggers are getting too little protein, too little or too much caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and MSG. I also get them depending on where I'm at in my cycle and what's going on with the weather. Is this a migraine headache or a regular headache? If it's a migraine, your doctor may be able to prescribe you something that's more effective than OTCs.

EMSR2D2 Posts: 1,394
5/20/14 2:07 P

I get headaches when I don't eat enough/often enough.

Your 30-minute walk will be burning off approximately 130 cals. Take that away from the 1250 you're eating, and you're actually only getting 1120 cals a day.

In my opinion, that's nowhere near enough. Most nutritionists recommend a minimum of 1400 cals a day (that's the amount you should be left with AFTER subtracting any calories burnt off during exercise).

It wouldn't surprise me at all if a daily calorie intake of only 1120 cals resulted in a headache.

5/20/14 1:49 P

I would eat a little more and see if that helps. 1250 might be too little. if it doesn't help, I'd see your doctor. Headaches can be caused by a lot of things and it sounds like you normally don;t get them.

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5/20/14 1:45 P

I eat 1250 calories a day
Walk for 30 min/day
Drink plenty of water

I don't understand why I am getting these.. Is my body just detoxing from the bad foods? emoticon

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