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KRALLEN1 Posts: 257
2/21/13 12:26 P

I have learned that the numbers on the scale is not a good way of measuring how I am doing. I go by how my clothes feel. Don't beat yourself up it only makes things worse. Just keep going and all of the hard work will pay off.

RAKRHYME SparkPoints: (13,441)
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2/21/13 12:16 P

hey thanks:)
i am much much better now...

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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2/21/13 9:07 A

Do understand that it's definitely not muscle gain. The most you can hope for while eating at a deficit is the preservation and improvement of the quality of the lean muscle you have. It's nearly impossible to build measurable amounts of muscle mass at a calorie deficit. You need a calorie surplus to do that, and even then it takes months or years... not days. :)

So while kind-hearted people often tell you that it's muscle gain, and muscle weighs less than fat, that's not what's happening here.

Your weight isn't a static number... it goes up and down throughout the day and week. :)

RAKRHYME SparkPoints: (13,441)
Fitness Minutes: (4,643)
Posts: 71
2/19/13 10:41 P

Thankyou all for the wonderful responses.
That was a lot of new information .
Now I know better than to get de-motivated because of the scale.
Thanks for letting me know i have immense support in SP as always
Lets all find our happy weight! emoticon emoticon

NEWRUNNER2 Posts: 542
2/19/13 8:58 A

I have also noticed that my own personal weight can fluctuate, even by 2 pounds in a couple days. You've gotten some good response already, so I'll just say that I'm celebrating your measurements changing. That's a big deal! emoticon

As for being discouraged, just hang in there. Keep making those positive changes and stay the course. Continue to share your journey and we'll be there with you!


SP_COACH_NANCY SparkPoints: (0)
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2/19/13 8:45 A


If there is one thing I can teach people and that is not to allow the scale to measure your success by. The reason, your weight just like your blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate, etc is not a constant number. The reason, our bodies contain a lot of water so as you so wisely pointed out, any change in our diet, hydration, workouts and even hormones can cause our weight to fluctuate. This weight fluctuation does not mean you have done anything wrong. It could be that your muscles require more mitochondria (the power house of the cells that give our body energy) and in doing so your body needs more glycogen (stored carbs in the muscles and liver) to fuel your workouts and aid in the cooling off process and in doing so your body hangs onto more water.

So as you can see our bodies are quite complex, which is why the scale is not something we should depend on a day in and day out basis. Weight loss or weight gain for that matter is not a single weight, but what occurs over a period of time--what the experts call trending. This is why it is best to stick to a once a week weigh-in schedule.

You're doing great...HANG IN THERE!

Coach Nancy

2/19/13 2:06 A

There are MANY factors for this. 1) Weighing yourself at night is a no-no. You tend to weigh more. 2) Water weight goes up and down daily. 3) If you did a workout and you're sore your muscles are full of liquid to help them heal. Those are just a few factors, there are many more. When I did insanity I GAINED weight my first 2 weeks. I cried and cried about it, but a week later I was down 5 pounds. Right now your body is healing itself. Trust me, the scale can be deceitful. Just keep working hard! emoticon

RAKRHYME SparkPoints: (13,441)
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Posts: 71
2/19/13 1:29 A

i had my last weight 2 days back and i have gone from 82kg to 82.7.......!!!
i am cranky and sulky now.
Having a bad day . i feel really sad.
I did measure up myself and i can see some of my thigh and arm muscles defined but the scale on weighing machine got me depressed....
i do understand that the bootcamp workout might have added some muscles but still......

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