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20 lb weights 200 times a day sounds to me like overkill, and a bit of a waste of time. Arm weights are not going to burn that many calories, especially if you continue to do only that. The best exercises move your whole body. Strength training is good for building lean muscle and increasing your metabolism, but working only one body part won't be effective for long. If you're going to do only one exercise, you should be doing something compound that works the whole thing. I think a wiser choice would be to trade in some of that walking time for a good, full-body strength program.

Losing weight is about the food you eat. Exercise is critical for overall health, but without a proper calorie deficit, all the weight lifting in the world won't make you lose weight.

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I like to look at a person's Sparkpage and get to know them a little before giving any kind of advice, but since you don't have one available, I'll just go off of what you have told us so far.

I checked your BMI and you are 2 pounds over the high-end of the normal range at 25.1. If you lost 10 pounds you would move into the middle of the normal range at 23.7. Sounds to me like you are worrying about nothing. I wish I had your "problems." LOL

Without knowing your complete situation i.e. what you are doing when you are lifting 20 pounds 200x/day (what kind of lifting) and walking 80-120 minutes (walking how fast, is it start and stop or walking for fitness) and how many calories your are burning while doing this exercise I wouldn't have any suggestions for you.

If you would like to send me an outline of your exercise routine in an email, I would be glad to make a few simple suggestions that might fit into your day.

Good luck,

Jonny Mac

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Sorry for the vagueness. The title refers to the reason why I can only do much when it comes to exercise.

I take in about 1700 calories a day.

I burn it through lifting a 20 lbs weight for both arms 200 times a day and by walking 80-120 minutes a day.

I stand 6'1 and I currently weigh 190 lbs. I'm a male and I'm 18. If I keep up with this, will I get my BMI to normal levels or will I actually go worse?

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Sorry, what's the thread title got to do with your question? I'm not sure if you're saying you have too much on or what...?

As for the food/exercise balance, you have told us about exercise, which is about 20% of your success. The other 80% comes from food. Are you male or female? How many calories total do you eat daily (by careful tracking for a week)? How fast have you got the system set up for losing the excess weight? What weight are you trying to get to?

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I sorta want to ask. I'm 6'1, 188 lbs.

I walk an hour a day and lift 20 lbs weights 200 times a day. Is that enough? What food should I eat? I'm in the Philippines and the standard meal is a combo of rice + fish/pork/beef + side vegetables for lunch and dinner, bread and coffee for breakfast and I sorta eat a Snicker's bar occassionally. I wonder what else can I do to get in shape or just drag my BMI down to normal levels.

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