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KMICHA Posts: 47,868
3/31/11 5:50 A

Celebrate!!! You're on your way down again! Glad you found something that works for you!!! Keep up the great job!!!

BAM0827 Posts: 3,023
3/31/11 5:47 A

I love that you we're willing to try something different to get better results! So many of us are scared to take thecleap if faith and eat more. You are proof that that we need to experiment a little to see what works for us!

Thanks for the lesson!

Wishes for continued success on your journey!

BABS4625 Posts: 1,064
3/31/11 5:34 A

Awesome, you did great at staying motivated! I tried my first Zumba class last week and it was fun look forward to the next one. emoticon

JENNI_X Posts: 238
3/31/11 5:33 A

Congrats! It was nice to read your post today. I guess that proves how losing weight slowly is the right way and we have to give it some time. Seems like many of us are struggling with the same problem, my scale has stopped moving too! I will try to add a bit more healthy food, let's see if that helps. Good luck for the future : -)

LIVINHEALTHY9 SparkPoints: (337,976)
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Posts: 16,591
3/31/11 5:33 A

That's great! Good for you!

DIVALYN Posts: 7
3/31/11 5:33 A

emoticon Thanks for sharing your success. I seem to be having the same situation!

RAPUNZEL53 SparkPoints: (577,886)
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Posts: 36,543
3/31/11 5:26 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon

JENSUMILLER SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,469)
Posts: 70
3/31/11 5:18 A

That is so awesome for. To stick with the program even while you weren't losing says so much for your dedication to this new life. Thank you for sharing!

JANIELYNN7 Posts: 89
3/31/11 5:18 A

Thanks for the inspiration and Zumba seems to be the way to go do you enjoy it. I am think of starting.

GEEMONEY167 Posts: 7
3/31/11 5:08 A

This is awesome! Thanks for the inspiration.

KABUBIKY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 1
3/31/11 4:46 A

Thanks for that! I've been stuck on 223.... guess I'm not eating enough. I was thinking that I was putting on the muscle and because muscle had more density... I wasn't seeing the change in weight...
I'll just push harder in training and eat more

3/31/11 4:38 A


LINMHEATH SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 304
3/31/11 4:28 A


-LIBERATE- Posts: 1
3/31/11 4:17 A

CONGRATS! You're doing a great job, keep it up and I'm sure you'll reach your goals :)

MANDYDE Posts: 163
3/31/11 3:54 A

Thanks for sharing it gives me the reminder that sometimes I am on the right track but I just need to re-evaluate and may be tweak a little to keep the weight loss progress. Well done!

LILHOBBIT29 SparkPoints: (21,653)
Fitness Minutes: (17,739)
Posts: 2,264
3/31/11 3:50 A

Im sooo happy for you! :) Well done! :)

TWINNYGRAN SparkPoints: (27,193)
Fitness Minutes: (7,151)
Posts: 550
3/31/11 3:40 A

emoticon Wow! Congratulations! It gives me hope to read your message - I'm quite new and have yet to lose anything. I will think again about how I go about it. I've heard people talk about your body storing fat because it thinks you're starving - maybe just a little more will help. Well done!

3/31/11 3:39 A

That is very exciting, I am so happy for you !

MILLYHOBBS SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1
3/31/11 3:23 A

Congratulations. I've heard some others talk of this also; the perverse requirement that they eat more to lose more. How did you work out you needed more food? What calculations, if any, did you make?

UWDAWG SparkPoints: (65,695)
Fitness Minutes: (142,141)
Posts: 393
3/31/11 3:11 A

YAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!!!! Awesome!!!

I'm wondering if that's my problem. My weight loss has slowed, and I'm eating less than when I was losing two pounds a week. I'm going to start eating a tad more to see if it helps. Your post gave me the reassurance to do that! I was scared to eat more.

WAY TO GO!!!!!!!! emoticon

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ANNACY Posts: 213
3/31/11 3:09 A

emoticon Way to go!!!

ALTRICEN107 Posts: 2
3/31/11 3:02 A

I'm kind of new - so forgive me if this is lengthy: but I was so intrigued by the second portion of you're message in which you spoke of having to eat like you wanted to loose 1 lb a week instead of like for 2 lbs... Can anyone explain how that would work?! I eat actually pretty healthy and I work out about 5 days a week with generous cardio and weight training. But over the course of 3 weeks I've only been able to loose just under 2 lbs. I'm so lost and frustrated. But you're encounter is extremely encouraging! Thank you for sharing.

SRIVERS1 Posts: 24,772
3/31/11 2:58 A

Keep up the great work on your journey to a healthy life style.

SPARKLEDUCK100 Posts: 37
3/31/11 2:55 A

absolutely fabulous

SBIGGS2 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (235)
Posts: 2
3/31/11 2:35 A

Your post blessed me =) Thank you!

WENDYJM4 Posts: 20,566
3/31/11 2:29 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

TIPYRAIN Posts: 7,416
3/31/11 2:15 A

That's emoticon emoticon emoticon

Isn't cool how we all have our own little quirks we have to figure out to make this work?! I'm glad you found yours! emoticon

JAMCAM Posts: 640
3/31/11 1:51 A

thanks for sharing :-)

3/31/11 1:42 A

DOC.. why are you wasting your time.. I HATED the book and LOATHED the film... had to watch it because I write subtitles (well I'm a translator and I take any job I can get).

POOHHONEYBEAR6 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1
3/31/11 1:15 A

That is how I have been after christmas i was doing good but then i got back and forth from 225 to 223 and it will not go under so I am getting annoyed and not really sure what to do I go to the gym every day and work out and drink lots of water and try and eat through out the day and I neve really sweat. I really got back into the gym i would say about 4 weeks ago though. I have to say I think that is so great for you and I am proud of you. Way to go keep up the awesome work. I know how tuff it can be.

MTATCO SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (16,434)
Posts: 140
3/31/11 1:14 A

You are doing an amazing job!

MTATCO SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (16,434)
Posts: 140
3/31/11 1:13 A


ROSEMARDORF Posts: 2,648
3/31/11 12:43 A

I really enjoyed your blog!! Way to go!!

DIDMIS Posts: 121,606
3/31/11 12:42 A


ONE-HOT-MAMA1 Posts: 406
3/31/11 12:35 A

awesome way to go i love your message

DOCNSHA Posts: 2
3/31/11 12:32 A

I can't sleep I am reading fitness magazine and watching eat pray love.. depressed 42 bi-polar have a lot of stress just like everyone trying to stay off meds and be a mood i pull up my e-mail and there is a msg.. your msg..good for should be very proud of yourself never quit keep it up..xoxox thanks for inspiring me.

NASFKAB SparkPoints: (496,790)
Fitness Minutes: (189,614)
Posts: 265,944
3/31/11 12:29 A

Congrats, way to go, keep it up, YOU CAN DO IT, YOU WILL DO IT

SMARGED SparkPoints: (86,240)
Fitness Minutes: (46,103)
Posts: 3,139
3/31/11 12:14 A

Good for you! emoticon

Looks like you're doing something right! Hope your scale continues to be good!

emoticon Marge

FITFABJENN Posts: 5,068
3/18/11 9:19 A

emoticon Congratulations on your progress! emoticon

CHERDOLL8 Posts: 3,524
3/17/11 10:01 P

way to go
keep it up
you can do it
you will do it

SHERI6-1-11 Posts: 15
3/17/11 8:50 P

I aplaude you for sticking with it! I find the numbers on the scale can be really crazy making. . . however, can't wait to weigh myself again tomorrow.

MMOWENS73 Posts: 499
3/17/11 5:01 P

emoticon emoticon Way to go!

TONISTRELEC Posts: 2,738
3/17/11 8:55 A

emoticon emoticon

ANOTHERMOMOF2 Posts: 4,473
3/17/11 8:20 A

Good for you!

SDJOLLY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (37,712)
Posts: 2,170
3/16/11 11:17 P

emoticon awesome!!!!

REDNLOVELY1 Posts: 278
3/16/11 9:27 P


LARRYPHIPPS SparkPoints: (0)
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3/16/11 7:28 P


MIS2101 Posts: 4,000
3/16/11 4:04 P

emoticon emoticon

MELISSAJANEY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (16,185)
Posts: 803
3/16/11 2:08 P


It really is amazing how much food our bodies need when we are working them! you are lucky you found a balance and got the scales moving !!!!


MAEBEWEIRD SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,316)
Posts: 55
3/16/11 2:05 P

I was stuck at 223 all through February. I've gone til now without really weighing myself. I got on... saw the number... got off... looked under the scale to see if the kids had left a toy under it... put the scale back down, got on again... and saw the same number!

219!!!! I'm losing again! emoticon

So it turns out I wasn't eating enough. I was eating in my minimum range to lose "2 pounds per week" but it turns out I need to eat at the "1 pound per week" range to lose 2 pounds per week (and all my info is correct on here including how much I work out... so it's just how my body is I guess)

Also my last four workouts (3 zumba and a run) I exerted myself to the point where I wasn't just sweating... I was like a sweat fountain... and I didn't feel bad afterwards! I LOVE progress!

___to answer some commonly asked questions on here___

___How I figured out I needed to eat more___
I was stuck, I wasn't eating a lot to begin with so I took the suggestion from people here on Spark to eat more. I changed my goal on my goals page to a goal that would require me to lose 1 pound per week to reach it rather than 2 pounds. I gave it two weeks and then stepped on the scale again. When I did that, I did honestly expect it to have gone up, in which case I would have known that was the wrong choice and done something else to try losing again. Luckily, it was the RIGHT choice!

___Did it continue working?___
Yes, a couple weeks later and I'm down to 216! One more pound and I will be officially 25% of the way to my ultimate goal and 50% of the way to my homecoming goal!

___where do I do Zumba? how do I have the time with 3 kids?____
my livingroom, while they are at school and the baby is sleeping or after they have all gone to bed. I have Zumba on Xbox Kinect. It may not be like taking a class but if you really want the results its not hard to push yourself to the point that you are getting a really good workout all by yourself!

__are you in the army?___
I was in the army however that was almost a decade ago. My husband is currently serving in the Marine Corps and is on a deployment, which is part of my motivation to reach my halfway goal while he is gone.

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