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8/24/11 8:16 P

I agree with everyone else and would also like to add that I'm sure your RRB hill was very difficult w/your old route when you first started doing it. However, after a week of following that route your body has started to adapt and that's why workouts become easier. You switched it up and threw your body off. That's great! That's why you're supposed to change your workout every so often. It's important to keep your body guessing! Jillian Michaels (tv fitness trainer) always says you have to get uncomfortable to make changes. Hope this makes sense.

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8/24/11 5:04 P

All of your answers make sense to me! Thanks very much! :)

BECCADION Posts: 410
8/24/11 12:54 P

Agree with the previous posters... could be mental as well, also having the hill at the end probably feels easier since you know you're almost done, but doing the hill at the beginning its like, oh come on I still have so far to go!

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8/24/11 9:30 A

I always struggle at the beginning of my run. I think your body is more warmed up by the end of the run and thats why its easier for you most days.

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8/24/11 2:19 A

I agree. There's warmed up, and there's warmed up ... A few minutes is enough to start a routine, but if you're doing something seriously challenging, you benefit from more like a half hour warmup, which your previous route allowed by taking more than that time before you got to the hill, and the new direction doesn't allow for as half a mile doesn't take very long to cover.

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8/23/11 10:25 P

My guess is that by the time you normally reach it, your muscles are all warmed up and stretched allowing your body to move easily when you reach the hill. By starting with the hill, you're making cold tight muscles work much harder than normal! If you do that again, make sure to warm up and stretch!

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8/23/11 9:00 P

Hello everyone, just a quick question:

My workout buddy and I have a route that winds through our city; it covers stairs, different walking surfaces, and little hills and culminates in one REALLY REALLY BIG hill at the end. In total we walk (and run a little) 4 miles. We've been going one way for a week, so the other night we decided to start on the end with the RRB hill and walk it backwards.

There was a good half mile to the hill from where we started, so we had time to warm up and catch a good rhythm, but that hill KICKED our butts!! By the time we got to the top both of us were gasping for air. I'm not sure if this is a stupid question, but why would that be? I was thinking that with us being fresher it would be easier to go up the hill?

In the end our goal is to be able to run the whole thing!

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