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7/13/11 3:03 A

I agree about small goals and changes. This over time will add up and also be easier to stick with. Also if you can pre plan a realistic meal and exercise plan for you.

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7/13/11 2:04 A

Losing weight and getting healthy are not things that can be done overnight. Did you gain the weight overnight? I doubt it. Why would you except yourself to lose the weight overnight? You will have some weeks where you do everything right and the scale doesn't move and it might even go up. So what? It isn't just about the number on the scale, it is about eating healthier, moving your body more and changing your mind set so that you love yourself enough to make the necessary changes.

I did weight watchers for many years and have lost a great deal of weight on the program. Unfortunately, once I stopped counting points, the weight found me again. I use spark people now because it is free and I think there is more to food than just the point value. The reason I mention this, is there is a tool I learned using WW that I still use and find it very helpful in eating healthy foods. They call it the healthy guidelines. There are many variations of this but what I find helpful about it is that is forces me to focus on certain healthy foods and plan my daily meals around those foods. The categories are: fruits/veggies, dairy, lean protein, whole grains, healthy oils, water and limit your intake of sugary foods. I plan my meals each day around satisfying the quantities in each category. If helps if you think about the categories of foods to eat and then figure what types of foods in those categories you want to eat.

Good luck to you and remember the effort is worth it!!

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7/12/11 11:55 P

Edeeann have you sat down and written out your long, medium and short term golas? This is something that can really help. From here, you design a program around your short term goals. A specific program that allows you to achieve those goals. Also, what kind of training program have you been doing?

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7/12/11 11:46 P

I didnt lose any weight 3wks ago and I have given do I get back in to the swing, I also find it hard to find the right things to eat.....I need a motivator.......PLS HELP ME!!!!!!!

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