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3/31/11 12:02 P

Thanks for the post! Yes, I'm doing like 20 to 30 mins in the morning and 30 more minutes in the evening. If I'm lucky I can squeeze 20 mins in at lunch.
I am not even close to doing that much each time! Wow, that would be dangerous. :P

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3/31/11 9:39 A

Hi Margi,

Stress is one of the most difficult aspects to deal with when it comes to our embracing healthy habits, especially when it has to do with a loved-one's illness.

You do not have to exercise 2-3 times a day, unless you are doing small 10 minute pockets. Just like exercising too little can be detrimental to our health, doing too much can be detrimental, too. It is during your down time that your body begins the adaptation process to exercise. Not allowing your body the time to heal and recover can actually slow your progress down. So if you can find a few minutes a day to carve out for a brisk walk, that is just fine.

You can do this!

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3/31/11 8:49 A

Writing a novel is theaputic. So is admitting that you fell off the wagon. Concentrate on just a few things, like you Dad getting well instead of a whole bunch. You will feel stressed if you can't do it all.

We are here for you, you be there for him. Set a new goal and accept it. I figure that my weight isn't going anywhere so I do what I can when I can.

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3/31/11 8:05 A

Life is something that happens while we are busy making plans. We all have times when life gets in the way of the plans we make. When that happens the best thing we can do is get back on track. If your father can come back from his challenge, you can get back on track again. Every time you reach for a bad food choice, remember how hard he worked to get back to you. You can do this and you have a wonderful inspiration to help you.

Good luck and so glad things worked out with your father.

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3/31/11 7:59 A

I'm so sorry you had to go through that, but I'm glad your Father is alright now and everything's back to normal. Don't worry about your fall of the wagon, just put it behind you and get back up again. Remember that exercise and healthy eating never gave instant results, and you need to let your body get back into its rhythm after your change in diet and exercise!
Most of all remember that you can do this! You've shown yourself to be a very strong person by what you've been through, and you have a lot of support, both here online and I'm guessing in your family too. Never give up!
Good luck.

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3/31/11 7:08 A

My dad was in the hospital for several weeks following the discovery that he had a gangrenous gallbladder. His surgery should have been an easy one, but he is 85 years old. It took 5 hours, and his heart did not like that. He was hooked up to a crash cart and was on a ventilator for a few days afterward.When he finally was able to wake up, he could no longer walk. He had physical therapy, and was placed in a nursing home for PT. Now he is home and doing amazing, which none of us thought would be possible.
Now back to me...before this happened, I was exercising in some form 2 - 3 times a day, 45- 70 mins, and I was eating well. But...while running back and forth to the hospital, I was lucky to exercise 1 time a day, and was eating junk between trips back and forth.
I had set a goal back in early February to lose 20 lbs by my 40th birthday. I lost 10 in the first 3 weeks, but now it's fluctuating 3 lbs either way, and I'm super frustrated. I'm back at it with the exercise, but fell back into making bad food choices. I need to get it together or I won't meet my goal!
Thanks for reading my novel...:)

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