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CHANGEITIS7 Posts: 573
1/8/12 11:55 P

That would be so frustrating!
Are you logging everything you eat? How to turn this around is a good question. Are you watching carbs closely, too? This is a puzzle. When you find out what works to get the weight going down can you post about it.
Hang in there!

HMILLY2020 Posts: 587
1/8/12 7:40 P

Don't give up! I know from experience. This is my 3rd time with SP because I kept sabotaging myself. Hershey bar here, McD's there because there's no food at home...I can exercise all I want but if I don't watch my nurtitional info and be honest with myself, I will fail.

I forgot to get on the scale today but this is my first full week of trying to be good and tracking everything tho I did forget one day. Don't let that be reason to give up.

Perhaps you should see a doc, maybe you have a thyroid inbalance or something else. We are all here to support you.

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,946
1/8/12 7:19 P

Are you tracking your food? Do you weigh and measure everything? What's your calorie range?

How are you feeling? Are you wearing smaller clothes? Maybe you lost inches.

I know you must be so frustrated. Don't give up. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

SP_COACH_NANCY SparkPoints: (0)
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1/8/12 6:38 P


I agree, you are not a cow.

If you have truly gained 26 pounds in 2 1/2 months time and you are tracking your nutrition, even all the bites, licks and taste and you are following your program well, then you may want to contact your physician to see if there is a medical reason that you are gaining.

That being said, nutrition is a good 80% of the success we see on the scale. As it is often said, we cannot out exercise a poor diet. So take time to review your nutrition tracker to see if you are eating not just within your calories, but your nutrient ranges as well.

I hope this helps!
Coach Nancy

MONTE2100 Posts: 144
1/8/12 5:54 P

First and foremost, YOU ARE NOT A COW.

Sleep is a very important part to losing weight. The same thing happened to me but here's my reason why........... I wasn't serious about it. You need to log EVERYTHING, and you need to be serious about your weight loss. If you are in doubt, cutting corners, cheating, not logging everything, then you will not be successful.

How effective is your workout? There are so many aspects. Read The Spark, it will help make a difference!

TEXAS_KELLY SparkPoints: (0)
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1/8/12 5:40 P

I have such a heart for this subject because i too have not lost any weight. I started my diet and exercise routine in Sept..

I have only lost 2 lbs and have not cheated or missed a workout.

I had someone tell me to make sure i am eating enough calories so my body doesn't think it is starving. Have you checked that?

1/8/12 5:10 P

I started exercising in October (as well as started to eat better) since then I have gone from 214 - 240!!!! What the ...........

I stopped eating frozen foods and tons of snacks - I exercise more - and i'm GAINING (and it's not just muscle clothes don't fit)

emoticon I'm a cow

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