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9/20/11 12:58 A

Wow! I love most fruits so I'm wondering if you've had the opporunity to try many of them, or did you just not like the first couple you tried then gave up? Younger people have more taste buds since they die off as we get older so your tastes may yet change.

I add 10 oz frozen or 1 pint fresh raspberries to 5 oz silken tofu, 1 C apple cider vinegar, and 2 T flax seed then blending to make a salad dressing. It's rather tart and the berries have lots of vitimins and micro nutrients.

If you don't like the sweet fruits, try dried apricots - sometimes they aren't as sweet. Same with citrus like lemons, limes & even some grapefruit. Blueberries too often are more tart than sweet.

Another option is to cook a beef chuck roast with dried fruits and chopped vegetables in water or dry wine. Check out "Tzimmes" in SP recipes. It really doesn't taste sweet but has prunes, apples, pears, & apricots with lots of fiber and mixes into the meat and sauce.

And finally, if you like tomatoes emoticon you're half way there. They are botanically classified as a fruit not a vegetable.

For those with allergies, stay away from strawberries emoticon it's usually the little bitty seeds - and papaya or pineapple emoticon have lots of enzymes which can aid digestion but can also cause irritation.

YANKEEGIRL6 Posts: 1,183
9/19/11 11:01 P

Neither do I. Most fruits make my mouth itch. I rarely touch the stuff. Nothing bad has happened. I've never had scurvy.

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
9/19/11 6:48 P

Not liking vegetables is a problem, because there are nutrients in veggies that you can't get from fruit. Not liking fruit really isn't a problem, as long as you eat plenty of different-colored vegetables. A red bell pepper has more vitamin C than an orange, for example.

The one exception might be some of the acids you get from berries, which are good for your skin (though not absolutely vital to your health.) You might want to try frozen berries in smoothies. I like to put equal amounts of frozen berries and skim milk in the blender with a little sweetener, some vanilla or almond extract, and maybe a bit of cinnamon or nutmeg, and swirl it around until you can't hear the blades hitting chunks of fruit. It makes a dessert that is very similar to soft-serve ice cream. You can make it thicker or thinner by changing the proportion of milk and fruit.

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9/19/11 6:34 P

I'm not sure if it's just solo fruit that you dislike, or the taste of it at all. I add apples and raisins or blueberries and walnuts to oatmeal; and I eat bananas on cereal. My husband doesn't eat grapes much, but he loves them as a dessert when they're frozen. You could try juicing oranges, apples, or pears.

MRS.DR.SHOT Posts: 197
9/19/11 6:25 P

If you can manage smoothies, then absolutely do that. Some plain yougurt and a couple of fruits you can manage in smoothie form. Heck, add a vegetable to it if you like!

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9/19/11 6:20 P

As long as you eat a variety of vegetables, there's not a huge need to eat fruit.

9/19/11 6:06 P

You can eat it in savory dishes if its the sweetness that you don't like. One of my favorite red curries has shrimp and pineapple in it. Mangoes are often used to make salsas and chutneys. Brie and halved grapes make a nice sandwich. Strawberries and mandarin oranges are very nice in salads.

9/19/11 5:23 P

I don't like to eat fruit. What are some ways I can "sneak" it into my diet. I know I need it. Any good smoothie recipes? Other creative ways to eat it instead of by itself? Blech.

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