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10/18/11 9:08 A

I heard your reply in my head voiced by Gabby Hayes. It works. Run with it.

/Howard Johnson is right!
//The sheriff is near?

WILKERSONR Posts: 5,148
10/14/11 9:24 P

On this topic several years ago I was taking an English class and I asked the professor why is it that I cuss when I talk but not when I write. She said that profanity is typically not written in text because it is not used in the proper context.

I type several thousand words a day in emails, post, work documents and forums and I to this day don't think I have typed and profanity. I guess that is more common that not. I don't recall the last time I read it with the exception of this post and reading it in a book.

10/14/11 12:50 P

I've almost accidentally written things on here. I suppose I could go along with outdated words, because the consarn thing is dumfungled!

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9/29/11 11:17 A

I don't know if cussing is an art... more like crayons and craft paper. That being said, it is my favorite medium to use when I want to sketch out a quick picture! Did I mention that I love to draw... almost non-stop sometimes.

True creativity - especially in today's grammatically messed up world - is to vent frustration or express joy without the use of cussing.

Then again, someone could always propose "BLUSS" (BLogging cUSS) words that use foreign/nonexistent words such as: "Those buggers went and nozzled up the works now. Bolloxed it right up bringing in those doughnuts. Crikey! Why don't they just go tissle off and set my squid to hopping?" (Spelling doesn't tend to matter much in this instance.)
Maybe just use military crayons to express yourself:
Sierra Hotel India Tango! Why did someone bring in Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo -ing donuts? That Papa India Sierra Sierra -es me off. Delta Alpha Mike November!

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9/28/11 8:50 A

I enjoy the lovely art of cursing. It doesn't necessarily bother me when people put restrictions on it. Their house, their rules ... if I don't like it, I can leave. Often times, I do, but SP benefits far exceed the restriction.

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9/27/11 9:34 A

I know it isn't necessary. I know I don't use it in most situations. And a simple edit to something like "F'ing" works fine. I just know that for me, there are times that I do not have any other words in my vocabulary that can truly convey the level of frustration I am feeling. If that is my foible or limitation, I will deal with it. But in the moment that I was typing my blog I could not find anything else that didn't sound like I was dancing around the issue, and if I am going to get healthy and make note of the things that trigger me into making poor choices, I am going to go to the place where those words bubble up to the surface. I suppose I will have to just edit it after I am done the tirade like I did this last time.

9/27/11 9:20 A


I see this alot rather actually spelling it out.

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9/26/11 7:39 P

I love swearing. It may not be necessary, big, or clever, but I love swearing, I can't help myself.

Maybe just vent all your frustrations in a word document and then go through and clean it up once you're over it and ready to post a version that's allowed?

N0_EQL Posts: 627
9/26/11 6:12 P

I understand what you are saying.

My best guess it because it is not necessary.

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9/26/11 1:55 P

But why can I not cuss in MY blog? Not on message boards? Fine. COMMENTING on a blog? I understand. But if I feel the need to drop an "F" bomb in order to alleviate some frustration and not go into the break room and dig into that box of doughnuts that some cruel, cruel coworker "brought in for everyone to brighten up your Monday!" why is that not allowed?

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