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7/27/13 12:07 P

Of course you did.


Because your body is always burning calories, and trying to exercise just to "burn off" this or that poor food choice is a ticket to the eating disorder train. It starts you on disordered eating habits, and can lead to exercise bulimia, where you exercise obsessively to "work off" perceived overeating.

Don't look at an individual food or meal as something to be "burned off" through exercise. Exercise is a scheduled part of healthy living, not a bandaid for your poor choices!

We all make mistakes, and that's okay. There's a range for a reason. Use it!

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7/27/13 9:23 A

I use the fitness tracker here at SparkPeople. While it may not be 100% accurate to the exact calorie, I bet it's pretty close. You enter your weight, age, etc. in the beginning. Then select the activity (sometimes you have to select something close) and enter the number of minutes of activity. Like I said, not 100%, but at least gives a pretty close range. And --- it's free!

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7/27/13 8:28 A


I agree with the others who've replied. You can't outrun a bad diet with exercise. If you decide that all you need to do any time you over eat is just burn it off in the gym, you'll be in the gym forever. And that's not healthy.

Don't get stuck in a dieting mentality. If you want to take the weight off and keep it off, you're going to have to learn to watch your portion sizes. Because what happens when you get injured and can't exercise ? What happens is you start gaining weight.

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7/27/13 8:19 A

You can't out-exercise a poor diet anyways.

MLAN613 Posts: 19,034
7/27/13 7:40 A

You can always plug in your exercise into SP's exercise tracker. Or you could invest in a Heart Rate Monitor with a heart rate strap that allows you to program your stats (height, weight, age, gender).

Also, I encourage you to try not to equate exercise as punishment for eating too much of something or a special treat. That can make it seem like a burden. Honestly, I feel exercise is fun and acts as a great stress reliever for me.

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7/26/13 10:30 P

Hopefully I burned off the buffalo chicken I ate... OOPS

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