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3/24/10 5:53 P

Like the others said, you don't need a scale. But because you don't have a scale to keep you on track, just be sure to buckle down and keep those calories under control.

3/24/10 2:52 P

I wouldn't worry abour the scale, just keep logging calories and exercise. Keep going, you can do it! Hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised when you go home!

NOW_IM_IT Posts: 4,508
3/24/10 1:58 P

I'd also suggest a tape measure! It's much nicer than any scale :)

COCOBONGO Posts: 159
3/24/10 1:35 P

Like the other posters, I wouldn't worry about a scale. You could try freecycle or something like that, but even with that you're not going to be guarantee it's accurate so just don't worry. Focus on those clothes fitting better and hopefully you'll have a good surprise when you get home. :)

3/23/10 6:53 P

Thank SANDIEGOJOHN! BTW, I'm in IB on vacation. Love it here! I like surprises and my clothes are fitting a bit better so I should be okay. This will be a nice treat for me when I get home :)

RUNNER12COM Posts: 5,441
3/23/10 6:32 P

Scale? Who needs a scale? Listen to Bam and focus on all the wonderful things that let you know you are getting healthier. And let the number be a surprise when you return home.

Good luck,

3/23/10 6:25 P

Excellent points BAM0827! This makes a lot of sense.

BAM0827 Posts: 3,023
3/23/10 5:57 P

I figure I'll weigh the same whether I step on the scale or I don't. Our weight is what it is.

This will be a great month for you to focus on other ways to measure health/success. Clothes fitting differently, more energy, can walk farther (or is it further) than before. There's so many other ways to measure progress... the scale is just one.

Focus on food, exercise, water and happy attitude and I bet you'll be elated when you get home and step on the scale!

3/23/10 5:53 P

Oh okay, thank you! That was really worrying me :) I appreciate the quick responses.

LADYITHIS SparkPoints: (26,272)
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3/23/10 5:51 P

You should always weigh with the same scale. Wait until you get home to do a weigh-in.

JMHELTON Posts: 45
3/23/10 5:47 P

If you are keeping track of your calories and intake, I wouldn't worry about it.

3/23/10 5:45 P

I have a scale in MT but we are visiting Cali and I don't have a bathroom scale. The one that is here is really really off. It has me gaining 25 pounds in a week. I can step one it 4 times and get 4 different weights. I can't afford to buy a scale but I really don't want to spend the money. Will it go against me to not weigh in for a month or so? Or should I look for a scale somewhere out in town? Any suggestions?

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