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DDMARLER SparkPoints: (14,253)
Fitness Minutes: (31,225)
Posts: 34
1/26/12 11:09 P

Way to go! Score!!

10ALLIE05 Posts: 32
1/26/12 12:47 P

I am so proud!! I know how big that type of temptation can be!

LINDZW11 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (675)
Posts: 47
1/25/12 11:06 P

Awesome job!!

TAMPATINK67 Posts: 3,800
1/25/12 10:03 P

That's a massive accomplishment for anyone! Now you've proven to yourself it can be done...

emoticon again, and again, and again!

ELISELOVE1 Posts: 6,342
1/25/12 2:54 P


1/24/12 9:08 P

Oh my goodness - I'm not sure if I could do that - thought I'd like to think I could emoticon

Congrats - I'm a sweets lover myself and know how hard it is to pass 'em up!

MAGGIEVAN SparkPoints: (204,392)
Fitness Minutes: (83,980)
Posts: 47,641
1/23/12 9:35 P

Good on you! emoticon

RBROOKS210 Posts: 57
1/21/12 12:51 P

Way to go. The ones with chocolate on top are the best.

KM1116 SparkPoints: (27,165)
Fitness Minutes: (10,289)
Posts: 635
1/21/12 9:38 A

That's awesome... way to go!!!

NONA-UK Posts: 245
1/21/12 2:51 A

Well done - be proud of yourself!

LOVEXAVIE SparkPoints: (42,827)
Fitness Minutes: (48,271)
Posts: 2,449
1/20/12 9:39 P

Wow! You did GREAT!
Way to go.

1/20/12 9:14 P

Good job! Office temptations are the worst!


1/20/12 6:45 P

Congratulations!! Those are the small changes that matter! Woohoo!!! emoticon

SWTESKAPE Posts: 115
1/20/12 4:38 P

This morning we had a sales rep bring in Donuts to work. They were the good kind that have the chocolate on the top. I normally am a donut junkie! If I eat one I will eat 3 or 4. I did not even touch one! i resisted them for 7 hours and was able to pawn them off on someone to take home. YES!!!! I did it. This is a massive accomplishment for me. emoticon

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