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JANIE60 Posts: 1
11/20/08 10:12 A

Great job and may I say for a newcommer to Sparks it's very inspiring! Thank you

CBSPECIAL Posts: 9,077
11/20/08 10:08 A

Great job!

ESTRAYA92 Posts: 1
11/20/08 9:59 A

I just wanted to say congrats. Sometimes you need to give yourself permission. You made a choice, which you're entitled to do and you made yet another choice: you went ahead and did your cardio to help rev up your metabolism and burn off the excess calories. GOOD GOING! : )

SEEHOLZ SparkPoints: (138,954)
Fitness Minutes: (257,595)
Posts: 7,372
11/20/08 9:49 A

Congratulations for going out and enjoying your meal with your husband! Yes, it is a great feeling to know you are in control! That's a great feeling and yes, you are so right--- no sense in deprivation!
As for using exercise to make it up? I would caution you to be careful about that. To me, exercise is a great way to release stress, find strength, encouragement and motivation, but I do not "use" it to compensate... it takes away from its "real meaning" for me. It this type of compensating works for you and you don't feel guilty for indulding every once in awhile, it might be what you need to stay on course and stay successful and heck, more power to you! It looks like you're doing awesome!

KENHICKS SparkPoints: (35)
Fitness Minutes: (55,776)
Posts: 1,612
11/20/08 9:46 A

I think we all have our "weak-moments", and then just have to work a bit harder to catch up again. Right now, I have hit a wall and can't seem to start downward again. At age 70, it is harder to take it off than put it on!!!!

11/20/08 9:40 A

This is a good example of someone who really cares about living a healthy lifestyle. A good meal is something that you should never deprive yourself of. Being educated enough to know what that meal did was enough to make her work it off after.


~Jenny Didonato

ARMYMOM46 Posts: 5,267
11/20/08 9:37 A

Thanks for sharing your story. I feel it is ok to cheat everyonce in awhile to reward yourself. You can always get back on track the next day. And yes you might have to work a little harder for cheating but to me it is worht it. We deserve a treat every now and then for all of our hard work

DAWNMARIE70 Posts: 164
11/20/08 9:37 A

That is a wonderful inspirational story. When you say "You Cheated" really you didn't. You indulged a bit but you made up for it. I live by the motto, do not deprive yourself of the pleasures in life just accomodate them. You did just that....congrats!

11/20/08 9:31 A

That is AWESOME!!! I look forward to getting to the same wonderful place you are where a one time splurge doesn't make me cry or throw in the towel for the week/month etc. CONGRATS!!!

QUADCMOM SparkPoints: (107,720)
Fitness Minutes: (84,414)
Posts: 9,614
11/20/08 9:27 A

What a fantastic story. Thank you for sharing it with us. Yes, it is a BIG DEAL !!!

COLEMANSR Posts: 22,466
11/20/08 9:21 A

Awesome blog, woohoo. Way to go on getting a handle on it.

DAGGER2 Posts: 15
11/20/08 9:16 A

It's cool that you thought about what you were doing and then compensated by doing extra cardio. Thanks for being an inspiration to all of us:-)

WOODSYGIRL SparkPoints: (66,359)
Fitness Minutes: (44,156)
Posts: 3,452
11/20/08 9:15 A

Good Morning! I love your honesty and your spirit! And didn't it make you feel more in control by actually logging the food, instead of just "ignoring it this time"? It showed that you wanted to hold yourself accountable, and in doing so, there was no guilt or beating yourself up because you had true numbers in front of you (thus, not blowing it out of proportion). That is just fantastic! GOOD FOR YOU!!

KIMBER64 SparkPoints: (12,198)
Fitness Minutes: (11,437)
Posts: 198
11/20/08 9:06 A

That was a very positive way to enjoy a night out with you hubby and it also shows that you are TRULY LEARNING to LIVE LIFE NORMAL WITH OUT the PANIC ROOM......very very AWESOME!!

CIRA0217 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,016)
Posts: 57
11/20/08 8:59 A

Hi Rosie,

We learn from our mistakes and move on to another day. That is why I love it here I can actually get encouraged by all these wonderful people.


ROSIEB38 Posts: 15
11/20/08 8:58 A

Good for you. Been there, done that, but I am sorry to say that I didn't do the workout. Just sat and felt guilty. But it is a new day and I am still on program, so that is good. Rosie emoticon

JCASHE Posts: 8
11/20/08 8:57 A

Way to go, Dana!!! emoticon

11/20/08 8:53 A

It sounds like you've got the discipline to "keep it real." I hope I can only be as disciplined as you and exercise after I've binged. However, don't over-punish yourself. I hope you can see that spending time with your husband is a HUGE reward to both of you. Don't let that be overshadowed by how much you ate. Don't beat yourself up too hard. Many of us binge-eat, and we are not as good about logging down the food. Good for you for doing that. Today is a new day!! Make the most of it!

JOANNEC27 Posts: 335
11/20/08 8:51 A

You are doing great and have a wonderful attitude! Keep up the good work. Way to go! Joanne

CIRA0217 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,016)
Posts: 57
11/20/08 8:46 A


Sometimes we need to endulge for a tiny bit to celebrate of how well we are doing. Glad you took it to the next level and exercised. But the best thing was that you did over stuffed yourself. You didn't cheat lastnight you gave yourself positive reinforcement. Hurray!!!! I tip my hat off you. Keep up the great work!
emoticon emoticon

S.ANDRA Posts: 3
11/20/08 8:35 A

congrats, now you are really in control. That is great. keep up the good work. this is a lifetime job, not just a "weight lossl" Thanks for sharing with all of us. It helps to have this encouragement and role model to look up too.

WOOLRIPPER Posts: 9,353
11/20/08 8:30 A

emoticon and thank you for sharing. emoticon

MLACE5 Posts: 1
11/20/08 8:12 A

Now this was inspiring! Way to go! emoticon

BEV1616 Posts: 370
11/20/08 8:04 A

CONGRATS! You are in control and that is a huge step!!! I'm right there with you! I'm beginning to plan ahead for the crazy holiday stuff....trying not to worry about it but head into "the season" with a game plan. My Plan: remain focused on my workouts and food choices...being sure to plan ahead for all of the "eating" events (portion control, making healthy chcices, keeping my bag of almonds with me at all times, plenty of water, etc). I am so inspired by your motivation....cardio AFTER your lovely dinner, WOW!

DCONCIDI Posts: 212
11/20/08 7:48 A

Don't get down on yourself, we all need cheat days once in a while. At least you acknowledged what happened and didn't give up.

Good for You! I am cheering for you.. RAH! RAH!

ZOBEY1 Posts: 4
11/20/08 7:45 A

That is HUGE!!! And you have my most heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS!

JOJO2348 Posts: 2,912
11/20/08 7:17 A

I liked your story - we all have cheat days and I often go over my calorie limit and that is why I lose so slowly but you do have charge of your weight and that is a emoticon . It was a special event that your husband needed you for himself and you didn't whine at him but made the best of the situation. emoticon We can all do this and your story is an inspiration.

SUEGOOD45 Posts: 57
11/20/08 7:15 A

Thank you for sharing your story, and the encouragement it provided. I too believe that every once in a while it does not hurt us to indulge a bit. I feel by allowing that it happen, there is no guilt behind it and the next day one can just go back to the plan and being again. One day of indulging will not derail, but will provide to us a learning experience. Changing one's lifestyle is a trail and error process. it helps up see what works for us and what doesn't.


GOHOGGS Posts: 164
11/20/08 7:12 A

Thank you so much for sharing your story!!! It was an inspiration! EVERYONE needs to be able to celebrate and you did so in a way that shows each of us that we "can be in control" of our choices. emoticon

11/20/08 7:06 A

What an inspiration you are, and you even left all that yummy food on your plate? Now that's discipline, and you should be so happy with yourself. (I would have taken a doggy bag home with me.)
However, don't forget to enjoy yourself on those rare occasions when our husbands do take us out somewhere nice...thinking about your food intake while you're out just seems to take the romance and enjoyment of the moment totally out.

11/20/08 6:20 A

Thanks for sharing this experience. It can be a good lesson for others. You go girl!

LSPC58 Posts: 27
11/20/08 5:54 A

It is interesting what you can find out about yourself when losing weight. Good for you.

GIGGLES1018 Posts: 12
11/20/08 5:40 A

That's great!! Thanks for being such an encouragement to everyone else!!! It's great to see that we don't need to beat ourselves up if we have an off day on occasion! Thanks for sharing!!! God bless you on this endeavor! emoticon

JOLETTE Posts: 5,028
11/20/08 5:19 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon You are real success, you ate sensibly and enjoyed what you ate and didn't hate yourself for being less thatn perfect. I am proud of you, I know you will be a big success. Jo

JONEIL513 Posts: 2,001
11/17/08 3:09 P

that is great. i see things like that as being a big difference between a diet and a lifestyle change. being able to indulge and doing so without going overboard or feeling guilty is a huge accomplishment! emoticon

KAMARA853 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,546)
Posts: 550
11/17/08 10:15 A

It's a HUGE accomplishment! emoticon Awesomeness!

UKMIRANDA Posts: 410
11/16/08 11:27 P

AWESOME job! This is probably one of the most important accomplishments you could have. Learning to forgive yourself and move on is SO SO SO critical.

Great job!

MUSICLOVER7 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (425)
Posts: 186
11/16/08 9:56 P

i had half a little debbie snack cake brownie--it was sooo good---lol emoticon

CAILLIA Posts: 794
11/16/08 8:54 P

Good job!

11/16/08 11:30 A

Great job!

GARDENGAIA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (11,265)
Posts: 311
11/15/08 4:57 P

It isn't falling off the wagon that destroys your program. It's not getting back into it. You're living your life the way (or so I've heard) healthy weight people do.

MAUREEN19640824 Posts: 10,340
11/14/08 8:06 P


TTROUBLE Posts: 845
11/12/08 11:53 P

that is cool! I believe in everything in moderation.

NO1JEFE Posts: 2,001
11/12/08 6:06 P

that is cool

PEBBLESGMC Posts: 16,380
11/12/08 5:34 P

Awesome keep up the good work. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

11/12/08 2:31 P

That is a FANTASTIC breakthrough! Way to allow yourself to enjoy a special occasion without overstuffing yourself (would you have stopped at half your meal and 1/3 dessert beforehand?) or feeling guilty! The ability to do that without letting it ruin your week is a HUGE step! You've done well!

11/12/08 1:37 P

I usually allow one day a week for a treat but I do log it under 'my Nutrition'. Kind of worried about getting through Christmas.

JANAMW1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,085)
Posts: 429
11/12/08 9:23 A

I am having a lot of problems cheating lately.

SPARKGUY SparkPoints: (69,980)
Fitness Minutes: (58,527)
Posts: 14,444
11/11/08 9:41 P

Woohoo Dana - this IS a big accomplishment because moments like these can change your life - that's what SparkPeople is all about - slowly building momentum until you get breakthroughs like this - especially the feeling that you are in charge.

Remember your strength in this moment the next time you face a difficult situation and you'll be more likely to overcome those next hurdles too.


Edited by: SPARKGUY at: 11/11/2008 (21:39)
DANAGRIS82 Posts: 277
11/11/08 9:28 P

Now, normally you would expect something like this to go in the panic button section, but hear me out. Tonight my husband treated me to a nice dinner- you know, at one of those places you have to call ahead for reservations instead of an Applebees or something. Anyways, since it was a special occasion (my husband is far from the romantic type), I allowed myself to indulge a bit. I finished half my meal and even got dessert (I had about 1/3 of that too). But when I got home, rather than sit on my butt and complain about what a loser I am for eating junk, I logged all my calories (yes, I went over for the first time...sniff!) and then did 45 minutes of intense cardio. For the first time ever, I feel like I am in charge of my weight and not the other way around. I feel like I can go over one day and not let it turn me into a puddle. Maybe that isn't a big accomplishment to someone else, but it is to me. And tomorrow, I will go back to being in the right range (although I'll probably kick it up in cardio for a couple more days...just to make sure!).

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