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It sounds like you have a hard time fitting in exercise due to a busy schedule. For me, getting in an hour of exercise only happens at home with DVDs. This saves the time of getting ready and driving to the gym, then driving home and getting ready again. I also find I work out harder when I'm at home and no one is watching me.

I have a nice fitness DVD collection (current favorites - Jillian Michaels Burn Fat Boost Metabolism and No More Trouble Zones). I built it up over time on, buying used DVD's. Your local library probably has a nice collection. And there are a number of free exercise videos on you tube (my favorite is Kendell Hogan bootcamp calorie burn and pop pilates).

Try doing an hour a day, five days a week. Do two strength training and three cardio. I alternate between 3 dvds a week. Alternate between as many as you feel you need to not to get bored. And mix it up every week!!!!

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What sort of challenge would YOU like ? Because when we exercise, we should do something we enjoy. that's because when we enjoy doing something, we look forward to doing that something each and every day. What is something you've never tried and would really like to do ?

Would you like to rock climb ? If so, check your area of indoor rock climbing gyms. Have you ever considered taking dance lessons ? How about signing up for some dance lessons. take your pick, salsa, tap, ballet, etc...

How many push ups can you do ? How about trying the 100 push up challenge ? If you want to be stronger, learn to do military style push ups. Go here for more info.

Ever consider running a 5k ? If not, sign up for a 5K in the spring and start training with a good Couch to 5K program.

Exercise can be anything you want it to be. Therefore it's important to find something you really enjoy because what happens when you get bored ? We can only motivate you for so long. After a while, you're going to have to start motivating yourself.

1/31/12 10:29 A

This blog is going to be my motivation...I will have it in writing (computer writing)...what I'd like to call proof!

Although, I need YOUR help! YES....YOU...the one sitting in your comfy computer chair, reading this blog, and wondering to yourself..."what is this crazy girl needing my help for?"

Here's a little history for thought.
I eat well I mean nutritious. Lots of fruits and veggies, very little meat (no beef, no pork, little chicken) lots of fish. Dairy...colors...textures...tastes...etc
Variety is the key. I also track honestly...if I eat that ohhh so yummy Lindt Lindor white chocolate truffle...I track it (even if it was 10 of them, which never happens, so don't get scared!).

I generally do okay on drinking the daily requirements of H2O...(could do better, but we all could).

I lack a little in the sleep department due to my job (graveyard shift), but it's going to be better soon (optimism never fails me).

Here's the kicker...EXERCISE! what do we consider exercise?
In my world it's... running around my college campus going from class to class (not the type of running where you move fast, just the type where you feel like a chicken with your head cut off). Oh...and there's the walking the dogs...they walk me, nuff said! Let's not forget cleaning the house...does that actually count???, because I do ALOT of this. And then there's the "you're a mother with a tween...who has a life"...PLEASE, don't get me wrong, I love to do all these things, but it's way hard to find time to fit in ME time to daughter is a gymnast so yes we do parent/kid days at gymnastics and we do lots of core and strength stuff at home, but I need more.

Here's where YOU come in! I challenge YOU to challenge me, push and motivate me, to do 1 hour of "me exercise" every day in the month of February...yes, a whole 29 days.
I need ideas of new things to try...I'm open to ANYTHING. What works for you?
DVD's, strength training ideas, cardio, running, yoga, tai chi, tae bo, circuit training, pylometrics. pilates, zumba???? I want a new idea every day...not trying to be lazy, but when you have someone challenging drives you harder!


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