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EGAV520 Posts: 41
5/5/12 1:24 A

@ Christina
I loved reading your post. It had great motivational advice and a bit of comedy as well.

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5/4/12 6:01 P

Today is only one day of your life
Each day offers a new beginning
One day at a time

5/4/12 12:47 A

You are worth tracking. It may save, if not improve your quality of life. Trust this from someone who went from 135 to 189 to 135 to 221 pounds. Track. You're worth it.

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5/3/12 8:38 A

i think of myself as new still ... but not that new, cause i log in and track nutrition and exercise three times a day and have for more than 8 weeks now ... 8 weeks isn't long, but the amount of time i spend on spark people for support and motivation and tracking adds up fast! ....

that said, i think you just need some perspective .... so, 500 over calorie goal? my guess is that you are on spark people because you used to eat thousands over calorie goal ... i did ... not even knowing i was doing it! ... i used to eat two or three choco chip cookies in the evening ... doesn't sound horrid til you find out that each one had more than 200 calories ... more than 600 of empty calories for days and days and weeks and weeks and months and months .... so now i don't .... even if i changed nothing else, that would be a huge calorie drop ...... but it puts bigger calorie days in perspective ..... 500 over is WAY healthier than the 10oo or more over i used to eat ..... i don't even know, maybe i used to eat 2000 calories over a healthy diet .... i'm not gonna try and figure it out though, cause i am moving forward, not looking back ....

i went two weeks stuck at the same weight recently .. but i just stuck to tracking and practicing the new things i am learning ... and felt like i'd won the lottery when i finally lost a pound and busted that plateau .... the trick is not getting bogged down in it being slow or in making a "mistake" .... just keep going ... from wherever you are, just go ..... keep going ...

learn from your mistake ... take healthy snacks with you .... move forward ... you can do it!

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5/2/12 11:41 A

500? That's nothing! On my second day, I went over my target range halfway through breakfast emoticon

And then I tracked it. And then I moved on.

I think that was actually the turning point for me. I'd started the program before, aimed for perfection, and then quit as soon as I did something human. Having that huge breakfast and seeing what an effect it had on my calorie budget for the day finally convinced me that this was a learning process, not an either/or situation. I immediately adjusted what I was planning to eat for the next few days (while still staying in range), and then developed a plan for the next time I really wanted eggs benedict and a mountain of hashbrowns. That 'mistake' actually taught me a lot about how to dine out and treat myself, and I figured it out on my own because of my screw-up - not bad for a second day lesson.

Going over in your first week can be tremendously helpful. If I were to start again (or point a friend in the direction of Spark), I'd actually recommend eating normally for the first week and tracking it. Yes, learning portion control and how to eat healthier foods is important, but there's a lot you can learn from how you have been eating. You can read all the tips you want, but it's coming up across real world situations that teaches you how to deal with things in your own life. Even after a couple years of doing this and being at maintenance for a while, I'm still learning. Just a couple weeks ago I had to change how I store bulk raisins in my pantry after I accidentally ate 400 calories worth in a boredom munching session.

So, you've already tracked what you ate that caused you to go over. You've examined why that happened, and you've started to look at ways you can prevent it from happening in the future. Even if you haven't written anything down, you're developing strategies that will help you for the rest of your life, and ones that will work with your life because they're based on your experiences. That doesn't happen without a few real life 'mistakes' along the way - it's how we learn.

Sounds like a win to me!

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5/2/12 10:31 A


When I was starting out, and would occasionally eat over range, and that panicky feeling would start in - it dawned on me: even IF I ate 200, 300 cal (or more), I was STILL doing better than I was before!

Before, I didn't measure portions. Before, when I felt like Ben & Jerry's, I'd have a pint (or more). Before, I'd have a glass or two of pinot noir each night. Now, I was doing none of those things and SO WHAT if I had a day where I ate a bit over; I was still coming out ahead health-wise and most likely calorie-wise.

Am I telling you this to give you license to go hog wild & throw caution to the wind? No. Rather, it allowed me the freedom to "be human" as Archi says and to r-e-l-a-x more about this whole process.

I can say unequivocally: that made a tremendous difference in my attitude and totally helped me view this go-round differently: making it truly a doable life-style as opposed to a diet (I "dieted" twice before and lost the weight but gained it back). It's seemed to 'click' now unlike past attempts.

So relax! Enjoy the ride; don't even think of being perfect. Now that I'm not, I'm the lowest weight I've been in years (even as a 49 yr old) and I'm on month ten of healthy living. Guess you could say I'm at goal (I don't weigh myself) and am now just fine tuning.

You can do this! It's in your head & heart first, then what you put in your mouth. Finally, the exercise keeps you fit.

Rock on!

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5/2/12 9:23 A


It's only been two days. Don't beat yourself up because you're not perfect. NO ONE is perfect. You don't have to be perfect to be healthy. One bad meal or even one less than healthy day of eating WILL NOT make or break your healthy lifestyle. You're going to be eating tens of thousands of different meals in your life. Some days, you're going to eat more than others. It's going to happen. And that's perfectly normal. You're not a machine. You're a human being. These things happen.

The fact is, if you were to eat right 5 out of 7 days this week, you're still doing better than the average American. Don't think perfection. Think progress. If the only healthy thing you were to do for yourself today was to drink 8 glasses of water, that's still a step in the right direction. Today, you drink 8 glasses of water. Tomorrow, you drink 8 glasses of water and take a 30 minute walk.

You're going to have to learn to cut yourself some slack. Don't try to do everything at once or you will end up miserable. slow and easy really does win this race.

Think progress, not perfection. take small steps literally and figuratively.

You're going to be fine ! Be kind to yourself as you would to others.

MELLISOND Posts: 1,277
5/2/12 9:22 A

Hi, Do you have an iphone or access to apps? The SparkPeople app is the most amazing way to keep track of calories, water intake, exercise, etc. I know if I didn't have the easy access that Spark provided, I would not be able to keep good track of calories in and calories burned.
Best wishes,

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5/2/12 12:59 A


Remember losing weight takes time. It occurs over a long period of time. In fact many members may see results for up to 8 weeks after they start their program, but this does not mean changes aren't happening.

Changing life-long habits takes dedication, determination, perseverance and most of all time. So many of us have made unhealthy habits such a big part of our life that it is going to take more than a few weeks or months to truly integrate the new habits into our lives so that we no longer have to think we just do.

If you look at this journey as a quick means to get to a certain number on the scale only to go back to the way you used to live, you will not keep it off for long.

Just by making small permanent changes into your life can lead to big results down the road. There is no place for perfection in this journey we call healthy living. One oopsie moment doesn't mean we have blown it for the day...we always have the opportunity to make healthy choices any time.

Every day brings the opportunity of new beginnings...if you fall, pick yourself back up and carry on and know that your SparkPeople friends are here to help you along.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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5/2/12 12:43 A

I totally went over on my calories today, by about five hundred! I think that is pretty bad for day #2 on this program, however I was on the go and under pressure today. I think that my major downfall was not tracking my calories throughout today, so I had no visual, nor did I effectively plan food intake for the day. So when I got home this evening, I was reallylet down. On a positive note, I did get plenty of exercise.

Is that going to keep me from losing at all this week?

Thanks for responding!

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