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2/11/13 8:58 P

I used to gain 20 # in a couple days.

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2/6/13 11:07 A


ANARIE Posts: 13,200
2/5/13 11:37 P

Have you looked for a pattern to the fluctuations? I can't remember what kind of long-term graphs the SparkPeople site will do for you, but if it doesn't give you one that's easy to use, draw some yourself. Do one that shows your weekly weigh-ins, and then try doing some that show every fourth week. Look at the first Tuesday (or whatever day of the week your TOPS meeting is) of every month, then the second Tuesday of every month, etc. If the peak is almost always the same Tuesday of the month, then it's probably hormonal and your OB/GYN will be able to help you more than the other doc. If there's no weekly/monthly pattern, then get out your food diary (and any other diary you keep) and see if there's a food you often eat in the days before a peak, or an event that tends to repeat. Maybe you'll find that your weight jumps every time you go to a certain restaurant, or every time you babysit more than one day in a row, or every time a certain relative calls, etc. Then you'll have a lead on whether it might be a stress reaction, a food sensitivity, and so on.

Also, do you keep a sleep diary? It's pretty common to have a jump in weight after a sleepless night or two.

PUNKYB830 Posts: 5,295
2/5/13 10:04 P

Yes pre diabetic I have to check my blood sugars often.

EX-PRESSO Posts: 478
2/3/13 10:36 A

30 pounds more or less in water? Hell, no, I do not think thats normal. Even with sodium in your food!

I'm sorry, I do not have a clue what it could be, but I really would go and get another opinion!

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 59,631
2/3/13 8:07 A

Are you sure you are only PRE diabetic? When was your last check of bloood sugar? Have you had your kidneys checked? That could be another possibility as well.

PUNKYB830 Posts: 5,295
2/3/13 2:33 A

I so love those kind of docs that think we don't know. I am pre diabetic so you are likely right about the urinating. As for my heart i have been hospitalized several times because swelling has gotten so bad and they didn't find anything wrong with my heart or any clots. i literally have to keep my leg up eighty percent of the time or i swell so bad i can't walk and all i get is i need to lose weight.

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2/2/13 8:23 P

Ask about an echocardiogram too! Extreme weight fluctuations can be associated with heart problems.

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2/2/13 7:51 P

Has any of these doctors checked your A1C or glucose, the urination could come from body trying to eliminate excess glucose

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 59,631
2/2/13 7:36 P

I agree about the sodium. I too gain and lose about 10 poiunds in single day sometimes. I really try to watch my sodium but regularly have trouble going over and I do not add any to my food any more. In fact I check packages to see how much sodum I will be getting. I weigh a lot but I do think that I would see a specialist in endocrinology or an internist to see if they can't find an explanation. I know that I have found many doctors treat the obese as if they are hypochondriacs or are mentally impaired or something and do not take seriously when we make complaints. I have had a doctor tell me when I went in for a severe ear ache, I was overweiight. I asked how my ear ache was related to THAAT. Well, the stupid doctor wanted to make sure I KNEW I was OBESE - you know, in case I had never looked in a mirror, bought a size 4X pair of pants, or struggled to buckle my seat belt. It was SUCH a revelation to me that I NEVER returned to THAT doctor's office again. Make sure you have a doctor who LISTENS and HEARS what you have to say.

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2/2/13 6:07 P

Remember that sodium is not just about the salt you add. I don't add salt to anything (rarely use it in cooking, too.) But my sodium intake is regular double the max recommended amount! That's because I use a lot of prepackaged kits and frozen stuff. Check that label!

PUNKYB830 Posts: 5,295
2/2/13 6:05 P

Right now I'm kind of trying to break in a new doctor. I had the same doc for years and always felt heard, but that doc isn't available any more and now I am at a new to me doc, but I also saw specialist when I was in the hospital and they just say prop your legs up through out the day for swelling. My right leg will almost size double. I am constantly urinating, I practically live in the restroom. Salt is my best guess too but I don't really over do it and I eat ground turkey and frozen veggies alot so not alot of added salt, but I don't really track salt. I haven't been tracking on here because I don't have a computer anymore, I am at one today so thats why I'm on here. It's almost impossible to track from my dummy phone, but I keep a food journal. As for weighing myself I go to TOPS weekly and weigh in there.

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2/2/13 5:38 P

Are you tracking sodium? The most common cause of weight fluctuations is water retention ,and the biggest cause of that is salt. Not just the salt you put on your food, but the kinds of foods you eat can be packed with the stuff. If it's prepackaged, canned, or in a restaurant, expect it to be loaded.

I notice you're not tracking at all. May I ask how you're managing your intake?

Our weight is not a static number, and fluctuations are common. I know that I can gain/lose 9 lbs in a single day! You're at a very high weight, so larger fluctuations may be possible. I'm not really familiar with it at those numbers. Yesterday I was 195 lbs. Today, I'm 187. I didn't lose 8 lbs of fat. ;) It's me shedding water from a sodium overdose.

When you bring it up with the doctors, what do they say, and what have they given as an explanation? Are you asking more questions, or just letting them brush you off?

How do you weigh yourself to track these changes?

PUNKYB830 Posts: 5,295
2/2/13 5:32 P

I've been to two doctors on this issue.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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2/2/13 5:24 P

If you aren't happy with your doctor's reaction to this, get a second opinion. You have the right!

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2/2/13 5:23 P

Don't loose hope you just haven't found the right support group yet. Have you tried going to a WW meeting or looked for a local weight loss support group on meetup? Find people that understand what your going through better and can be the positive faces you see each week. Maybe because your weight fluctuates each week, weigh yourself every week but only count every third weigh in?

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2/2/13 4:54 P

hello...i'm sorry but it doesn't sound right. I would switch doctors...good luck and I hope all goes well.

PUNKYB830 Posts: 5,295
2/2/13 4:47 P

I can lose or gain as much as 30 pounds in a week in water weight. My doctor doesn,t seem to be worried about this. As for me it is very frustrating. I never know what I have actually lost. Also I go to a weightloss group and when I lose any amount I feel like they don't take it seriously, it's also really embarrassing on the weeks I gain 30 pounds or so. I recently was gone for a few weeks. I weighed in and had lost 28 pounds and was so proud because I earned most of it I thought, but then the next week I gained 23 pounds. I was so embarrassed it was all I could do to keep from crying at club and it put me in a a funk for about a week. I don't know how to stop this issue.

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